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Best Time to Visit India Demystified


So what is the best time to visit India? This is the question playing on different minds at the same time. Well, there is no precise answer to the question when to go to India. India is a land of diversity and different climates. It is an integration of the deserts and forests and this culminates into unpredictable and diverse climate conditions. Thus we divide this into two portions and tell you which is the best time to visit different parts of India. We hope you find this very informative and useful for your travels to India. 


The months of July-September serve as the right time to visit the Northern part of India. This is because the climate is mild, and it is not either too hot or too cold for you. It is best enjoyed when it is dry, so you might want to plan your travel after the monsoon ends. There are a lot of places to visit in the north, and the trip shall take you a good one week at least. Thus customize your travel so you end up fitting all the places you want to visit and make sure you include all the activities you wish to indulge in while on your visit there.


The majestic Indian cuisine can be enjoyed any day of the year and be sure to try out different varieties of salt and sweet. The tingling taste and the magic of Indian cooking is something people across the globe crave for and it should be no different in your case. This time also offers pleasant views with respect to flora and fauna. The onset of fall in India is marked by brilliant weather conditions and everlasting serene beauty and peace followed by tranquility.


If it is the mountains and the hill stations you are into, March-May is the ideal time to visit. This offers you a peaceful yet enjoyable experience and the climate is not too harsh to travel. Though people are afraid that May is one of the worst months to travel, the hill stations are pleasant during this period and you will definitely enjoy your stay and you can take part in different activities during your stay. If wildlife is what you're looking to explore the best time to see the tiger is between April and June as tigers come out often to the lakes and ponds and can be easily spotted there.


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October to February suits visiting the beaches or even South India for that matter. The beaches of India are brilliant and it has a vast coastline meaning you have a wide range of options when it comes to picking a beach you want to visit. The tip of India has some brilliant cuisine offerings too with lot of spicy and tangy food for you to savor. In fact, all four states in the south offer brilliant things to eat in terms of food. Be it the Biryani of Hyderabad, coconut chips of Kerala or sambar of Tamil Nadu, there is something which is amazing to eat everywhere in India.


We hope your query regarding which is the best time to visit India has been answered effectively. We have a lot more to offer on our site and we advise you to check out different tips and tricks regarding India and making your trip more fun and filled with frolic. So the next time anybody asks you when to go to India or what's the best time to see a tiger, you're all stocked up with information to give them!


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