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Best Markets in Mumbai for Shopping

Best Markets in Mumbai for Shopping


Mumbai is the business capital of India. The economy of the country vastly depends on this city. The city is strategically important as a business hub as well. There are lots of markets in the city providing all types of products. The items are available at an affordable price. We have mentioned some of the most well-known shopping areas in Mumbai.


Zaveri Bazar


It is one of the most famous markets in Mumbai. This is especially known across the world for its huge jewelry market. The location of this market is in the southern part of Mumbai, in Bhuleshwar. There are a lot of narrow lanes in the market with numerous shops selling precious jewelry. The largest retailer of jewelry in India Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri has its headquarters in this market. Hence the name of the market is Zaveri Bazar. It is very popular among jewelry loving people from all across the world, especially India. The market is a very bustling place. During festivals when the demand for jewelry is on the rise, the market gets teeming with people. This is the ultimate destination for jewelry shopping in Mumbai.


Bhendi Bazaar 


This is another very famous market in Mumbai where people can get to buy a whole lot of antique items of different kinds. There is an amazing collection of rare antique pieces in this market. The items available in this market are known to be of high quality while keeping the price under check. The eateries of this market are famous as well giving the visitors a wide array of delicious food items to choose from. The shop owners of this market belong to different religions. The market is located in South Mumbai.


Bandra Market


Bandra is a very high profile place in the city of Mumbai. Located in the central part of Mumbai, it houses a whole lot of celebrities from different walks of life. All branded shops in Mumbai have their branches in this part of the city. The collection of items found in the city is huge. The shops in this market mainly sell clothes and other household items to their customers. The quality of material found is of the highest standard. There are shops that cater to the middle and low-income groups as well apart from the branded ones. Western, as well as Indian clothes, are available in the numerous shops of this market.


Colaba causeway 


This is another popular place for shopping in Mumbai. The fashionable clothes and other items in this market are famous. The shops store all the latest fashionable clothes that have been launched by renowned fashion designers in the country. There are a lot of clothes and food stalls all over the market place. Fresh flowers are another attraction of this market. People in need of flowers for any ceremony come to this market for getting the best flowers at the best prices. The tourists prefer to visit this market as well for buying clothes of different types. All kinds of high-end materials are available in this market. Electronic goods are another specialty here. Household items like crockery sets are available as well, in beautiful designs.


Crawford Market


This market lies in the north direction of the Chattrapati Shivaji terminus in Mumbai. The market is also known as Mahatma JyotiraoPhule Market. The building of the market, which was built during the British period, reflects the Victorian style of architecture. The design of the building is noteworthy and speaks volumes about the work that the British have done during their rule in India. The Crawford Market is one of the busiest markets in the city of Mumbai and there is always a huge crowd bustling in the city. Even in this market, the needs of all sections of people are catered to. The specialties of the market are vegetables and fruits. These are available absolutely fresh and of high quality. The poultry items are also quite popular in this market. Apart from these the chocolate and cheese that are smuggled are sold in some of the stalls.


Chor Bazaar


As the name suggests, the market is known as the "Thieves' Market". There is every imaginable antique item in the shops of this market. All kinds of antique items can be bought at a very good price. The market is very popular in this part of the country and has a lot of visitors every day. The tourists visiting Mumbai make sure to visit this place, to buy the choicest antique items that they have been dreaming of all these years. The popular belief is that the goods that are sold in this market are stolen ones. There are a lot of alleys in the market and one can get lost in the maze. The Chor Bazaar is especially famous and popular among the antique collectors from India and abroad.


Gandhi Market


As the name suggests, this market is named after the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi. The market is popular among the middle and lower classes of society as one can buy a whole lot of goods at a very economical price. This market was started post-Independence to facilitate the rehabilitation of the people of Punjab. Gandhi Market is especially popular among the women of the city as all kinds of cosmetics and other decorative items are available here.


Handicraft shops in Mumbai


The handicraft shops in Mumbai are popular among the tourists of the state. There are a lot of such shops in the city selling all kinds of handicraft items. One of the most important handicraft shops in Mumbai is the Government Cottage Industries Emporium. There are articles of the highest quality and they are sold at fixed prices. Apart from this, there are numerous other such shops all over the city of Mumbai.

So we see that the numerous shopping places in Mumbai make shopping in Mumbai a pleasurable experience. The branded shops in Mumbai are present to cater to the needs of the affluent classes of society. The non-branded shops cater to the middle and low-income groups of the city. The tourists find it really enjoyable to go out to marketing in the city.


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