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Andaman A Romantic Experience

Andaman A Romantic Experience


Barefoot at Havelock Jungle Resort is just as exciting as the name. The place is covered with white sand, huge Mahua trees, and utmost serenity. 19 amazing wood and thatch cottages and villas comprise this place with astounding interior and spacious rooms. Completed with two restaurants, a lounge bar, massage centre, yoga classes and kayaking this place offers a big chunk of paradise on earth. Some of the cottages here are Nicobari Cottage, Duplex Cottage, Nicobari Villa and Andaman Villa. This place is ideal for young couples as it comes with a lot of honeymoon packages.


Peerless Sarovar Portico, Port Blair is an ethereal beauty that adorns picturesque gardens and Corbyn's Cove Beach. With about 50 rooms and cottages to offer, this is the only beach resort with the promise of luxury and style for all those who plan a holiday in Andaman. The view of the garden or the sea from every room makes your stay serene and joyful. The restaurant serving fine dishes makes sure that you get the best of everything. A bar is also present to refresh you and set up your mood. This place is located at safe distances from the tourist sites and at the same time far enough to make sure that your tranquility isn't compromised. 


The Tree House, Blue Planet Long Island is a place that gives you an earthy feeling and makes sure that your mind and body are at peace with each other. This place is built around an ancient Padauk tree. There are 12 thatched rooms that are naturally air-conditioned owing to the shade of the tree. The place also offers a central restaurant area which is for dining and relaxing. The fresh seafood served here is a specialty. The exotic coffee is also a must-have. For the gooey couples, this place is no short of a romantic escapade. 


One of the most amazing hotels in Andaman, Dew Dale Resorts, Baratang has enhanced the tourism of the place over the years. Situated within a thick green forest, this place experiences the best of nature in everything. Its isolation from the hustle of the city makes it ideal for the ones looking for peace and quiet. Just like its name, the beautiful dew resting on the hills in the early morning makes for a unique and astonishing view. It is the only village resort in the entire region. The place has 16 furnished rooms to offer. The multi-cuisine restaurant adds to its value. A special travel desk is maintained to help tourists visit different spots across the place. The amazing honeymoon packages attract newlyweds. This place is all that you need to spend a remarkable holiday in Andaman.


Andaman is a perfect place to let all your worries out of your system and spend some quality time with your partner. Get ready for the time of your life and go visit Andaman.


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