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Footloose in Gujarat

Gujarat, an offbeat destination of India, holds within some magical surprises bound to captivate the quintessential traveller in you. The state enthrals you with its profound sense of cultural heritage, marvellous architecture, alluring beaches and elusive wildlife. The scenic countryside holds most of the state’s treasures which entice you the moment you step into the state. Visiting Gujarat will be like taking a walk into India's colonial past; it is the place where Mahatma Gandhi inspired many freedom movements which are an integral part of the country's history. To soak in the authentic and wondrous charm of the state, choose to take the outlandish trails. Travel through the incredible countryside that truly showcases vibrancy with colourful festivals, breathtaking panoramas and exotic locations. From a plethora of enchanting experiences and diverse attractions, we have handpicked the best ones for you to explore.