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Footloose in Bhutan

Cultural Triangle - The Ruins of Elegance

Happiness is a place, and it is Bhutan! It’s a country bestowed with nature’s bounty, with simple and happy people whose unhurried and laidback pace of life most city-dwellers will envy. Bhutan is an epitome of traditions. It is marked by strong religious and cultural bonds that find expression in the several vibrant festivals throughout the year. Beautiful traditional villages, untouched nature, snow-capped peaks, breathtaking trekking trails, majestic dzongs and monasteries, make Bhutan the Last Shangri La. Bhutan has numerous experiences that are worth your while! Adored for its “Gross National Happiness”, choosing some of the many wonderful encounters in Bhutan is difficult. But these essential experiences will leave you in awe and content with Bhutan!