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Footloose in Sri Lanka

Cultural Triangle - The Ruins of Elegance

There are always some places in the world which give you a spark of wanderlust. Sri Lanka looks like a few lines from the pen of a wordsmith, Leo Tolstoy, which says “In the name of God, stop a moment, cease your work, and look around you”. The staggering beauty of Sri Lanka is wrapped in million shades of blues and greens, and are perfect to spark that wanderlust in you. If the countries of the Indian-Sub Continent were a deck of cards, Sri Lanka would be their Queen of Hearts. To revel in her indelible charm, one has to play their game with patience. The true glory of Sri Lanka can only be explored with serenity. Shrouded by elegant history lies the ancient cultural capitals with its Sinhalese royalty are Anuradhapura, the first capital to the north, Polonnaruwa, the second to the east, and Kandy, the third capital to the south-west, often called as the Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka. It’s always a pleasure to take a plunge in intriguing tales of a country, and you will be delighted to know more about this beautiful and vibrant island country. How about we go offbeat this time and take the quirky experiences to explore this paradise?