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Footloose in Bhutan

Essential Things To Do In Bhutan

A Himalayan destination, with beguiling features, Bhutan is sure to transport you in a paradisiacal place. Dizzying hilltops, friendly locals, and monasteries tucked away on the sides of lofty cliffs and a peek into the vibrant masked dances and songs – Bhutan will stay imprinted in your memory forever. Even though the country is a small one, chances are that you will not be able to cover the entire length and breadth of it. So we’ve suggested five essential experiences that exemplify the country. You should know, that choosing these five was a challenge, as Bhutan offers a million hues that are worth your while. Bhutan is best known for its "Gross National Happiness”. There is no doubt that you will return home with more cheer. Supriya, author and editor of Indo Asia Diaries, vouches for this..