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Destination Guide of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island country in the Indian Ocean. It lies about 32 Kilometers off the southeast coast of India. Its official name is the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. The country was formerly called Ceylon.

Sri Lanka & its Subcontinents

Facts and Figures

Official Name : Sri Lankan
Population : 20,277,597 (2012 census)
Area : 65,610 km2
Languages : Sinhalese, Tamil
Geographical Location : 6°56′N 79°52′E
Capital : Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte (Administrative) Colombo  (Commercial)
Major Religions : Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity
National Emblem : The emblem features a gold lion passant, holding a sword in its right fore paw surrounded by golden petals of a Blue Lotus the national flower of the country. A traditional grain vase sprouts sheaves of rice grains that circle the border reflecting prosperity.
National Flag : The Sri Lanka flag was officially adopted on December 17, 1978. Prior to 1815, the gold lion was originally the national flag of Ceylon; its four pipul leaves are Buddhist symbols and the sword is said to representauthority. On this modern version, the green represents Muslims, while the orange represents Hindus.
National Bird : Junglefowl
National Flower: Water Lily