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Mizoram, literally meaning the 'Land of Gems', has been variously described as the 'Jewel of India', 'A Little Paradise', 'A Flower of lofty heights' and as the 'kashmir of Eastern India'. The ridges and valleys of the mountain chain of north-east India are well pronounced in Mizoram, providing tourists with rich natural scenery and salubrious climate. A rich cultural harmony has resulted in the classical Mizorami dance and the Mizorami martial arts, all of which are part of the festivals of Mizoram and are reflected in the state's crafts.


Aizwal stands out like a citadel over the valleys of Mizoram. The valleys like the north-east are hot and wet during the summer but up in the hills it is pleasant and cool. To the south of Aizwal is the idyllic town of Lungki set in a beautiful forested area. In between Aizwal and Lungki is the Serchhip village. Travellers stop here to enjoy the market place where traditional objects, fruits and local vegetables are sold.


Dampa Sanctuary 
Established in 1976 at the north -west tip of the sanctuary it is covered with bamboos, while the rest is mostly semi-evergreen forest. Swamp deer inhabit the lower areas. Tiger, Leopard, elephant and hoolock gibbon are among the mammal species seen here. Nearest town Phaileng : 10 km. Accommodation is available in Government rest house.


(85 km) A natural lake near Saitual village is in the midst of cool virgin forest that offers an ideal picnic spot for tourists. It has boating facilities for the tourists and accommodation is available at the Tourist Lodge Saitual-only 7 km away.


(180 km) Along a serpentine carpeted road Unakoti Tirtha is a holy place for pilgrims. Magnificent rock figures and stone images dating to 12th century are found here. There is also an image of Lord Shiva holding a conch in the left hand, a position seldom found elsewhere. It is the largest bas relief sculpture in India.


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