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Meghalaya or' ABODE OF CLOUDS', gifted with ample scenic beauty and abundant vegetation, it presents a panorama of lush rolling hills, heather-covered slopes, breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls, mountain springs, moving mists, silent lakes and multitude of flora and fauna.


Mizoram the ' Land of Mizos' is a hot, humid, green, mountainous and enchanting place. The Mizo tribal have a high sense of humour and society is comparatively free, without too may inhibitions. The sturdy tribals are the true assets of this hilly terrain. Western education, music.




  • Shillong

Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, is situated in the centre of a high plateau within Khasi hills. It has been called 'the Scotland of the South ' because of its elevation 1496 m above sea level. The highest peak in the State is the Shillong peak of 1965 m. Nokrek is the Garo hill district is the next peak. Shillong is one of the best-known hill resorts in India. It derives its name from the deity Shyllong whose dwelling place is said to be on the Shyllong Peak over the township.


  • Garo Hills

The homeland of the Garos, who originally inhabited Torua, a province in Tibet. Garo hills are known for its abundance of wildlife. Two mountain ranges-the Arabella range and the Tura range-pass through the Garo hills forming the great Balpakram Valley in between. The headquarters town of Tura is 323 km via Guwahati at an altitude of 657 metres. The highest point is Nokrek Peak with an elevation of 1,412 metres.


  • Jaintia Hills

Jowai, headquarters of the Jaintia hills district is situated 64 km away from Shillong along the Shillong-Silchar national highway. A picturesque town circled by the majestic Mybtdu river.


  • Tura

Tura has a picturesque landscape of hills against a backdrop of low-lying plains with the mighty Brahmputra river making sweeping curves as it flows towards Bangladesh. A sunset view can be best seen from Tura Peak at 1,400 metres and its summit can be reached by a five kilometres trek.


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