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On November 1, 2000, India gave birth to a new state Chattisgarh. The new state is carved out of India's largest state of Madhya Pradesh with an area of 443,000 square kilometers.


Though Chhattisgarh with an area of 135,194 square kilometers accounts for only 30 percent of the total area of Madhya Pradesh, it is still a considerable size, which is equivalent to more than three times the size of Kerala. Chhattisgarh Information The demand for the new state can be traced to a meeting of the Raipur district Congress in 1924 when the idea of a separate entity of Chhattisgarh was mooted. The leaders who took part in that meeting were of the view that the region of Chhattisgarh was culturally and historically distinct from the rest of Madhya Pradesh.

Tourist Places in Chhattisgarh  

  • Raipur

Raipur District is situated in the fertile plains of Chhattisgarh Region. This District is situated between 22° 33' N to 21° 14' N Latitude and 82° 6' to 81° 38' E Longitude. The District is surrounded by District Bilaspur in North, District Bastar, and part of Orissa state in South, District Raigarh, and part of Orissa state in East and district Durg in West.


The district occupies the southeastern part of the upper Mahanadi valley and the bordering hills in the south and the east. Thus, the district is divided into two major physical divisions, Viz., the Chattisgarh plain, and the Hilly Areas.


  • Mahanadi

Mahanadi is the main river in this district. Its tributaries being Sendur, Pairy, Sondur, Joan, Kharun, and Shivnath. The fertility of the lands of Raipur district can be attributed to the presence of these rivers. Mahanadi originating in the hills of Sihava flows in the direction of East into the Bay of Bengal.


Mahanadi crosses the district diagonally from its southwestern corner to Northern boundaries. The area to the west of the river comprising the North Eastern part of Dhamtari (now separated from the Raipur District), the whole of Raipur, Rajim Tehsil and the western part of Baloda Bazar Tehsil is a part of the open Chhattisgarh plain, gently sloping, thickly populated and closely cultivated and almost devoid of forests.


The plain also extends in a belt of about 13 to 15 kilometers east of Mahanadi, except between Sirpur and Kasdol where the hills are very closed. The Southern part of the Mahanadi plain is about 305 meters above the M.S.L, whereas the northern part is about 244 meters above the M.S.L.


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