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  • Gumbaz

Gumbaz is the burial chamber of Tipu Sultan, his father Haider Ali and mother Fatima Begum. It is built on a lifted platform and is circumvented by various other tombs of his relatives and nobles. The Gumbaz has magnificent ebony doors decorated with ivory which was presented by Lord Dalhousie. The interior walls are covered with lacquer Tiger stripes which is Tipu's favorite. A corridor lined by pillars of black amphibole walls Gumbaz. Masjid-e-aksa a mosque is situated next to the Gumbaz. The Gumbaz is surrounded by beautiful gardens that add to its beauty.


  • Sri Ranganathswamy Temple

The presiding deity of Srirangapatna is Sri Ranganathaswamy. The expression on the face of the Lord is human. Lined with beautiful pillars, the temple is dark and the visitors can take a walk around the temple. Within the abode of the temple lies the Lord on the back of a snake. The lord is carved out of black stone. He looks beautiful with a philanthropic smile on his face. The temple is well known for its Lakhadweepotsava when one lakh lamps are lit during Sankranthi.


  • Tipu Palace

Dariya Daulat Bagh is an Indo-Muslim structure built of Teak. It is the Summer Palace of Tipu Sultan. This monument was built in the year 1784. This wooden palace is set among groomed lawns and flowerbeds. It looks modest from outside. This is because the most part of the palace is hidden from sight by green shades. The rich paintings on the walls and the elaborate interiors leave the visitor enraptured.


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