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  • Agnitheertha


100 meters away from the temple is Agnitheertham, where Rama worshipped Lord Shiva, to absolve himself from the killing Ravana. It is a pilgrim place wherein people believe that taking a bath in the place washes away their sins. The temple is constructed facing the eastern direction and there is a large lake in the temple whose water is considered to be holy enough. There are about 22 wells in this place.


  • Dhanuskodi

Dhanushkodi named after Rama's bow is at the eastern end of the island at a distance of 8 km from Rameshwaram. The boulders around the sea between Srilanka and this place known as Adam's bridge, are believed to be used by Hanuman to reach across Srilanka. Dhhanushkodi was completely destroyed by the cyclones of 1964. Kothandaramaswamy temple is the only salvage of the cyclone. Idols of Rama, Sita, Lakshmana, Hanuman and Vibhishana (brother of Ravana), surrendered to Rama, here.


  • Gandamadana Parvatham

Gandhamadhana Parvatham is the deity of several communities in southern India and the temple of Gandhamadhana is most renowned and worshiped in southern India. The temple is two-storeyed and Lord Rama's feet are imprinted on the chakra placed in the temple, which is at the highest point on the island at 2 km from Rameshwaram.


  • Ramnathswamy temple

It was built in the 17th century. Situated close to the sea on the eastern side of the island, this temple is famous for its 1200 gigantic granite columns. The 54-meter tall gopuram (gate-tower), 1220 meters of magnificent corridors, and the flamboyant columns embellish and render fame to the temple. The water in each of the 22 sacred wells in the temple tastes different.


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