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KUMARAKOM - This tiny village loaded with infinite natural pulchritude derives its name from two words 'Kumaran' and 'Akam'. Kumaran is the name of the deity worshipped here since ages and Akam means the domicile. Thus, Kumarakom is the resident of the Lord Kumaran. Kumarakom is established on the man-made land that was reclaimed from the cosmic Vembanad Lake.


This exotic backwater hamlet endowed with thick lush greenery, verdant and spanking fresh shrubs and bushes, paddy fields, coconut groves, and mangrove forests overwhelmingly covering every vacant inch of land and water lilies and algae embroidering the fringes offer a flabbergasting treat to the thirsty eyes. The morning dew and smoky mist that wraps the surface with ethereal veil adds more than a glint to the milieu.



  • Backwaters in Kumarakom

Various canals, lagoons, and waterways surround Kumarakom's small cluster of islands. These numerous waterways make up what is known as the Backwaters. Numerous types of flora and fauna can be seen against the mirror-like lagoons as you sail across the picture-perfect backwaters on a Houseboat. The houseboats are well equipped with all of the modern amenities with living rooms, bathrooms, and an equipped kitchenette.


  • Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

A birdwatcher's haven, the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, covers an impressive expanse of 14 acres. A large variety of different birds can be found at the sanctuary. Numerous migratory birds even from places like Siberia visit the sanctuary. It is common to see golden-backed woodpeckers, night herons, kingfishers, paradise fly-catchers, and egrets. The entire area was established by the government of India in an effort to preserve the natural habitat of both native plants like mandrakes and coconut trees and various birds.


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