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  • Hazara Ram Temple

A 15th-century old artwork, Hazara Rama Temple is located in the middle of the Royal Centre and is assumed to be the place of worship for the royal members. This temple was set aside for royal ceremonies only. Fragile carvings of a range of forms of Lord Vishnu are displayed in pillars. There are lots of fascinating sculptures showing some of the important events from the epic Ramayana. The walls of the attachment are luxuriously impressed with friezes figuring processions of elephants and horses. It also shows beautifully decorated dancing girls and soldiers attired in grand armor.


  • King's Balance

Hampi is also full of surprises: like the King's Balance where kings were weighed against the grain, gold or money which was then distributed to the poor, the Queen's Bath, a swimming pool, 50 ft.long, and 6 ft.deep, with its arched corridors, projecting balconies and lotus-shaped fountains that once sprouted perfumed water.


  • Mahanavmi Dibba

A very imposing and huge structure, Mahanavami Dibba is where the kings of the Vijayanagara Empire ruled the kingdom with the gem-studded golden throne and observed the religious and royal processions passing by. The structure is embroidered with thickly carved bands of soldiers, horses, and figures of a variety of aspects of courtly life. The tallest structure in the area, this resembles an elevated platform from far off distance. The king Krishnadevaraya built this structure to commemorate the victory over Udaygiri.


  • Royal enclosures

Hampi region is divided into two parts about 3 kilometers apart - the Sacred Center and the Royal Center. Scared Center encloses religious sites while the Royal Center encloses the royal buildings. The Royal Center area of Hampi is totally different from other regions, as there many curved boulders littering, most have been used to create amazing propagation of brilliantly executed walls of stone. Royal Enclosures attract tourists with its stone-walled enclosures. Royal enclosures include the Lotus Mahal or Zanana Enclosure and the Elephant Stables. Zanana Enclosure is a delicately planned pavilion in a well-protected compound, meant for royal women.


  • Statue of Ugra Narsimha

Narasimha in its terrifying form, the statue of Ugra Narasimha, is a mammoth statue of 6.7-meter height located in the south region of the temple complex of the Hemkuta group which contains the Virupaksha Temple. Narasimha, being half-man and half-lion, is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This gigantic statue is worth seeing. The Narasimha is erected as seated four-armed under a covering of a seven-hooded snake. The facial expression and the protruding eyes are the reasons for the name, Ugra Narasimha.


  • Virupaksha Temple

The Virupaksha or the Pampapathi temple is the main center of pilgrimage at Hampi and the most famous and oldest temple housing the deity of Shiva, known here as Virupaksha or Pampapati, and Goddesses Pampa or Bhuvaneshwari. It is located on the foothills of Hemakuta, and dates back to the 15th century, though some parts of the temple are as old as the 11th or 12th century. Virupaksha temple with its 50 m high gopuram, stands majestically in Hampi depicting the architectural and cultural heritage of South India. The eastern gateway of the temple is a marvel of engineering skill.


  • Vithala Temple Complex

Vithala Temple, renowned as the most impressive monument of Hampi, which blows the mind of a visitor by its beauty, is located in the southern bank of the Tungabhadra river. The temple, known for its extensive sculptured work and a 16th-century art piece, is decorated by ornate pillars and the carvings. It shows perfectly the wonderful artistic skills available in the empire of Vijayanagar. This temple is known for its amazing musical pillars - a total of 56 pillars - which produce an echo of a note when tapped. There is also a striking chariot carved out of a stone with rotating wheels, in the back lawn of the temple.


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