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Dhulikhel, Nepal


The little town of Dhulikhel lying just about 30 km east of Kathmandu (one hour's easy and smooth drive) is a major tourist destination. This little town has all the prerequisitesDhulikhel such as good hotels, the rich traditional culture of the Newar community, and panoramic views of the enchanting Himalayan ranges.


Dhulikhel is surrounded by culturally and naturally abundant places like Panchkhat, Panouti, Banepa, and other typical villages.


It is the trailhead to unique destinations such as the Chinese Border at Kodari, the Buddhist pilgrimage destination of 'Namobuddha', the most important Bhagawati image of 'Palanchowk Bhagawati and the unique Newar village of Panouti. Here, the visitors will get a taste of village life- quiet, unhurried and surrounded by mountains and natural beauties. So, once a visitor is at Dhulikhel, he can do as much or as little as he wishes with the Shangri-La feeling. It is an enchanting natural spot where one can breathe the fresh mountain air and savor the majestic view of the entire Himalayan ranges from Annapurna on the northwest to Gouri Shanker on the northeast. Since there are bushes and jungles in and around this town, large varieties of birds and butterflies are also found here. The scattered bushes of rhododendron and other diverse types of plants have further enhanced the beauty and attraction of this destination.


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