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  • Dolphin Nose

The viewpoint is 10 km from the town. The Nose is a unique rock of tremendous proportions which looks like a Dolphin


  • Lamb Rock

It is 8 Kms from Coonoor on the way to Dolphin's Nose. It commands a grand view of the Coimbatore Plains. It is a favorite place for tourists.


  • Law Falls

The Place is a beautiful picnic spot, situated at Coonoor-Mettupalayam road at a distance of 7 km from Coonoor. The height of the falls is about 180 feet. It is just a paradise for nature lovers.


  • Pasteur Institute

Coonoor is the first of the three Nilgiri hill station-Udhagamandalam (Ooty ), Kotagiri and Coonoor - that you come to when leaving behind the southern plains. Like Ooty, it's on the toy train line from Mettupalayam.

While Kotagiri had the Kotas, and Ooty the Todas, so Coonoor was home to the Coon hill tribe. (The suffix, 'oor', means village. ) This now bustling town appears rather squashed between the hills and it's only after climbing up out of the busy market area with the bus and train terminals that you'll get a sense of what hill stations were originally all about. For this reason, too, most of the better accommodation is in Upper Coonoor.

Places Recommended Visiting Coonoor -


  • Pasteur Institute 

It is just opposite to the Sim's Park, established in 1907. This is the famous Institute for research on Rabies. It is also famous for the manufacture of POLIO VACCINE.


  • Sim's Park

This beautiful park is situated in a deep ravine on the Northern side of Coonoor Railway Station. The park can be divided into eight major sections. The winding footpaths spread all over the park is the most distinctive and lovable feature of this park. There are also a number of individual tree specimens planted all over the place, give a special charm to the park.


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