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Bodh Gaya is the place where Gautama Buddha attained unsurpassed, supreme Enlightenment. It is a place which should be visited or seen by a person of devotion and which would cause awareness and apprehension of the nature of impermanence"

Tourist Places in Bodh Gaya

  • Bodhi Tree

The most important of the sacred places is the giant Bodhi Tree. This tree is to the west of the main temple and is supposed to be a direct descendant of the original Bodhi Tree under which the Buddha spent his First Week and where he had his enlightenment. To the north of the central path, on a raised area, is the Animeshlochan Chaitya (prayer hall) where the Buddha is believed to have spent the Second Week.

  • Mahabodhi Temple Complex

The Mahabodhi Temple Complex is one of the four holy sites related to the life of the Lord Buddha, and particularly to the attainment of Enlightenment. The first temple was built by Emperor Asoka in the 3rd century B.C., and the present temple dates from the 5th or 6th centuries. It is one of the earliest Buddhist temples built entirely in brick, still standing in India, from the late Gupta period.

  • Sujata village / Sujata Kuti

Sujata Kuti is a Stupa created in memory of Sujata, the daughter of the Senani (Village chief) of Uruvela, who offered him a meal of milk rice and honey. In fact it is believed to be the first morsel of grain consumed by Buddha after this hardship of six years. The Buddha was in a very fragile state and had lost all his belongings, including his clothes and his faithful but disillusioned followers, during the six years of meditation. And Niranjana River


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