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About Aluvihara

26 km. from Kandy in the Matale district. An ancient rock temple of great significance in the history of Buddhism. The Buddhist canon and its commentarie Aluvihara Citys, which were till then handed down orally, were written for the first time at Aluvihara Temple. The rock monastery of Aluvihara is beside the Kandy-Dambulla road. The monastery caves are situated in rocks, which have fallen from the mountains high above the valley. Some of the caves have fine frescoes.


The doctrine of the Buddha was first recorded here, in Pali scripts, around the 1st century BC. The monks today are inscribing Buddhist Scriptures in palm-leaf (ola) books. In addition, there are colorful statues of devils and sinners that show the various forms of punishment handed out in the afterlife.


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