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  • 15 Enticing Bird Sanctuaries in India

    15 Enticing Bird Sanctuaries in India

    Birds are the symbol of “freedom” and many of us love watching birds, clicking their pictures, etc. If you’re such a type of person, then bird watching tours in India can be an ideal travel plan for your vacations. India is a blessed country with abundant beauty, but that doesn’t limit the backdrop of mountains, sandy beaches, or greenery. The Wildlife Sanctuaries in India consist of animals, bird species, and sea life, which [...]

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  • Best Himalayan Summer Treks to Experience

    Best Himalayan Summer Treks to Experience

    Are you planning a trekking adventure for summers? Well, it is obviously a great idea! Undoubtedly, when it comes to places to visit in summer, trekking hit the list and the Himalayas are the most favorable choice of many. During summers, the snow begins to melt, revive the beautiful fauna, and the hibernation of birds and animals will come to an end. The greenery will become limelight during summers and trekking in such pleasant weather where brutal [...]

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  • Culture of the India

    Culture of the India

    Do you know the true meaning of the proverb “Unity in diversity”? Well, it means that people live in unity with a diverse culture and this is what India represents! India is recognized for its rich culture and heritage across the globe. Tourism of India has surely been on people’s minds once in a lifetime as this place is blissful and blessed with abundant beauty. Explore this country from north to south or east to west you will [...]

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  • 10 Best Tiger Safari in India

    10 Best Tiger Safari in India

    If you’re planning to explore the Wildlife National Park in India, then you should know that Tiger is the national animal of this country. Fortunately, India is home to 2,500 tigers, which contributes about 70% to the Tiger’s population across the world. India is a predominant fauna, and National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) has worked its level best to improve the population of tigers. And yes, it has worked immensely, from 1,114 [...]

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  • 12 Misconceptions about Indian Food The Actual Truth

    12 Misconceptions about Indian Food The Actual Truth

    The very first thing that strikes your hearing Indian food might be “Ahh, too spicy”! Is it? Well, many Indian food tours provide a spicy experience to travelers who are health conscious and cannot bare spiciness. You could find such spiciness only in Street food in India that involves chat, golgappe, dosa, etc. But my friend, it’s your biggest myth! Food of India is not at all spicy though this country is a land of spices. You’re [...]

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  • 20 Best Tourist Places in Kerala that You Must Visit

    20 Best Tourist Places in Kerala that You Must Visit

    Kerala is an incredible State of India, which is truly blessed by abundant beauty. This state is rich in everything, be it food, traditions, people, festivals, or historical places, you would find so many things in Kerala. You’ll be mesmerized in the serene beauty of Kerala and the welcoming heart of people here. The untouched beaches, backwaters, green mountains, forests, and wildlife will last forever in your heart during Kerala tourism. Travel [...]

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  • 10 Most Famous Temples in Delhi

    10 Most Famous Temples in Delhi

    Delhi is the capital of India and is over-crowded, which is why this city keeps bustling all day and night. It is the most populated city after Mumbai and the political hub of India. Being so noisy, yet there’s a calm side of this city that includes Delhi Temples! As we know that temples are Hindu worship place and worship place of any religion brings peace of mind and let you experience the divine energy. In case, if you’re on a Golden [...]

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