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  • 22 Places to Visit in Leh Ladakh for Your Holiday Goals

    22 Places to Visit in Leh Ladakh for Your Holiday Goals

    Ladakh tour packages are one of the most selling packages across the world. The serene beauty of mountains, valleys, quaint villages, and surge landscape, enhances the number of Ladakh Tourism. The snow-capped Himalayan Mountains and beautiful alpine lakes are still untouched. The peace and tranquility you will find in Ladakh is unmatchable that every year attracts thousands of tourists to this divine and blessed place. But don’t get [...]

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  • 8 Top Places to Visit and Best Things to do in Nepal

    8 Top Places to Visit and Best Things to do in Nepal

    Nepal is a beautiful country. In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that nature has blessed the country with bountiful hands. Apart from the scenic beauty, the country boasts of remarkable historical and cultural attractions, including temples and monuments. Receives a pleasant climate throughout the year, Nepal makes a favorable holiday destination where travelers can escape into the lap of nature. Globetrotters from all around [...]

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  • Development of new Guide App for 5 iconic sites by Tourism Ministry

    Development of new Guide App for 5 iconic sites by Tourism Ministry

    According to the Press Trust of India, Tourism Ministry will develop a mobile application that will work as an audio-video guide for five iconic locations of India and will help tourists during their visits at these historic sites. Ministry of Tourism issued a statement on 27th December 2018 that the application will be developed in the collaboration with a technology firm M/s Resbird Technologies. This audio/ video guide app will be developed under [...]

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  • India Travel Advice

    India Travel Advice

    India is a incredible land with diverse culture and far beyond forts and palaces, beaches, mountains and other tourist attractions. It is really very difficult to choose what should include or does not include while India touring. An ideal India tour should contain experiences that delight and amaze you every day of your day during your trip to India. This can only be done by booking your trip with a boutique DMC of India. To get the most [...]

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  • Tourism in Cochin

    Tourism in Cochin

    Chinese Fishing Net has become a very enchanting attraction for tourists owing to its massive size exquisite construction. This photogenic fishing net was commenced back in the year 1350 by the Chinese adventurer Zheng He. The fascinating beaches in Cochin are graced with the Chinese Fishing Nets which offers a pleasant scene for the tourists to feast their eyes on. If the idea of watching the sunset peaks your interest, you must stick around to gaze [...]

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  • Which are the Best North India Tourist Places

    Which are the Best North India Tourist Places

    As a travel destination, North India offers much than a traveler expects. This amazing part of India is a wonderful combination of natural treasures and historical places. The majestic high peaks of Himalayan range draw tourists for its beauty and gorgeous hill stations. The Indo-Gangetic Plains is home to some of the oldest cities of Asia as well as numerous architectural marvels. Therefore, it is not a surprise that this Indian region is one of [...]

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  • 10 Places Every American Tourist should Visit in India

    10 Places Every American Tourist should Visit in India

    From snowy mountains to shiny deserts, amazing lakes to dazzling beaches, historical palaces to forts- India has exceptional things for you! Whether you want to spend quality time with your loved ones in peace or practice some spiritual healing, India is the place where American tourist should visit once in a lifetime. You can enjoy the different culture of various religions, stories of historical monuments, and mixture of everything at tours to India. [...]

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  • Top 5 Valentine destinations in North India

    Top 5 Valentine destinations in North India

    Valentine’s Day is an occasion of love but there is much more than just love. In 2020 Valentine’s Day is falling just before weekend holidays. Take extra leaves before the weekend and start planning a short trip to celebrate your valentine’s day. If North India is your first choice to kindle your love, here are our top five suggestions for a quick, easy and cheap holiday destinations for your Valentine. NAINITAL What [...]

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  • The Golden City Jaisalmer

    The Golden City Jaisalmer

    Certainly one of the significant highlights of the city, Jaisalmer Fort extends around 100 metres over the city. There are temples and palaces situated inside the fort. There is also an emporium known as Manek Chowk which is situated outside the Jaisalmer Fort.This is the sole fort in the country which is also a dwelling for common people today. The architecture built with yellow sandstone doesn't fail to spellbind the sightseers. The fort also [...]

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  • 11 Top Best South India Tourist Places to Visit

    11 Top Best South India Tourist Places to Visit

    South India lets you explore the unexpected facet of the country. You cannot see the true India if you haven’t visited its southern part. It is a land showered with bountiful natural beauty amidst which tucked are the architectural marvels. When it comes to food and culture, South India tourism amazes every tourist. Pristine beaches, grand ancient temples, spiritual escapades, and unbeatable tranquility are some top reasons for travelers to [...]

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  • 9 Places You Need to Visit in India with Your Travel Companion

    9 Places You Need to Visit in India with Your Travel Companion

    No trip can be more fun, vibrant and livelier than one with your best travel buddies. When you are on a trip with your closest travel companions, even no matter what time of the year it, an unlimited dose of unforgettable memories is guaranteed. However, what matters is the destination. After all, India is a large land, peppered with countless tourist destinations. Be it famous Golden Triangle Tour India or exhilarating wildlife trips, there are tons [...]

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  • Top Places to Visit in India by February Month

    Top Places to Visit in India by February Month

    February is a superb month to begin your travel for the Indian subcontinent. It is the time when refreshing and lively spring season knocks at the door. Many fairs and festivals are celebrated across India during the month of February. Apart from other famous festivals Valentine’s Day also lies in this month. Traveling in February can be enjoyable with so much to fun and delight in. There are wide range of themes available that can make your [...]

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  • Tourism in Ahmedabad

    Tourism in Ahmedabad

    The Calico Museum contains the exquisite collection of prehistoric and contemporary Indian textiles which were all handmade about 500 years ago. There are some mind-blowing magnificent relics that represent great adroitness and opulence. You will get a chance to catch a glimpse of the Kashimiri shawls that were made in span of three years. The main textile galleries are available for exhibition only in the mornings. The afternoon tour includes [...]

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