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  • Things to follow in Golden Temple Amritsar

    Things to follow in Golden Temple Amritsar

    Shri Harmandir Sahib Ji is not only a religious place of the Sikhs, but also a symbol of harmony and social equality. Everybody, irrespective of caste, and creed can seek spiritual consolation and religious fulfillment without any difficulty. We as human beings should respect and follow the rules of such religious places. We are sharing here a list of rules set by SGPC in Golden Temple for the readers. Things to remember during your visit [...]

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  • Hooghly in Kolkata

    Hooghly in Kolkata

    Hooghly district, near Kolkata, is a famous tourist hotspot. Was it a castle from the pages of a Hans Anderson fairy tale? Or was it a temple? The pretty looking structure will leave you wondering until our car reached its gate. Built between 1801 and 1814, this five-story temple has thirteen pink-tipped towers and is known as the Hangsheshwari temple. Virtually impinging on the backdoor of Kolkata, the district of Hooghly is a rich commercial [...]

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  • A paradise for Spiritualists

    A paradise for Spiritualists

    Best Spiritualists in Paradise Situated in the northern part of India and having awesome beauty and the calm serenity of the stately Himalayas, Uttaranchal – the “Devbhumi” that has attracted tourists and pilgrims from all over the world. Sacred pilgrimages of different religions including the world-famous Char Dham or the four Hindu pilgrimage destinations of Shri Badrinath Kedarnath, Gangotri, Yamunotri; the sacred Sikh [...]

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  • Tour on Ganges

    Tour on Ganges

    According to the Hindus, they have 3 mothers – their biological woman who gave them birth, Mother Ganges and Mother India. The water of the Ganges is held in high esteem by Hindus all around the world. It is as significant as the blood in the body of the human being. Hindus believe that taking a bath in the water of Ganges will wash away all their past sins and offer them salvation. Thousands of Hindus from all over the globe visit [...]

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  • Tourism in Bodhgaya

    Tourism in Bodhgaya

    The Bodhi Tree is a hallowed tree beneath which Lord Buddha used to perform his meditation. Pilgrims who visit the tree take back the leaves of this tree as good wishes from the Lord. It is believed that a seedling from the original Bodhi Tree was taken to Sri Lanka where the Bodhi Tree still exists today. Tourism in Bodhgaya, India Tourists love to admire the Great Buddha Statue representing Lord Buddha in a meditating posture. The [...]

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  • Tourism in Pushkar

    Tourism in Pushkar

    Best of Pushkar, India A plunge in the hallowed water of the revered Pushkar Lake is equated with observing yagnas for numerous years. The lake radiates a supreme flavor of equanimity and serenity. The water neighboring the Ghats of the Pushkar Lake is believed to possess stupendous powers. For instance, the water of the Naga Kund is regarded to confer potency. The Pushkar Lake is surrounded by the desert on one side and Verdant [...]

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  • Golden Temple Amritsar

    Golden Temple Amritsar

    Call it Sri Harmandir Sahib or Darbar Sahib, regard it as a tourist destination or a religious place, but the monolithic GOLDEN TEMPLE in Amritsar with a holy lake and a golden dome is truly an iconic masterpiece in every possible way. The popular city of Amritsar, in Punjab, is synonymous with The Golden Temple and is a revered site for the Sikhs. Tracing its original name to Harmandir Sahib which means the ‘Temple of God’, the [...]

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  • Hemkunt Sahib Gurdwara

    Hemkunt Sahib Gurdwara

    For the Sikh community, only the blessed can make a visit to Hemkund Sahib gurdwara and bathe in the icy waters of the lake. Located in the lap of the Himalayas at 4,572 m, Hemkund Sahib, in Uttaranchal, is one of the highest shrines in India. It is to the Sikh community what a trip to Hajis for Muslims. The trek to the mountain top is grueling. But after reaching the shrine, one feels truly blessed for having being given a chance to undertake [...]

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  • Three Lesser Known Buddhist Sites in North India

    Three Lesser Known Buddhist Sites in North India

    Among the many elements that make a Buddhist monastery an oasis of tranquility, including the quiet ambiance and simplicity of the interiors, there is one intangible factor that can be sensed by one and all-the aura of calm. Gautam Buddha's preaching of detachment and peace radiate from the nooks and crannies of these places of worship for those who belong to the Buddhist faith. No matter how crowded it might be, every Buddhist site in [...]

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  • Somnath Temple

    Somnath Temple

    Somnath Travel Guide Somnath Temple is one of the oldest temples in the country in Gujarat. It is recognized as an important landmark in the history of India. The temple is situated at a distance of around 79 kilometers from Junagadh near Veraval and is adjudged as one of the most illustrious temples on the western coast of India. Somnath Temple is an ideal inviolable site that has lived through the depredations of time. Research on [...]

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  • Tourism in Kushinagar

    Tourism in Kushinagar

    Places to Visit in Kushinagar Nirvana Temple The Nirvana Temple is one of the most visited shrines among all the Buddhist shrines around the world. This place elicits emotion for every Buddhist as it is the very shrine near which Buddha passed away. The temple contains a 6-meter long statue of Lord Buddha in a reclining position. This statue is believed to illustrate the last few moments of Lord Buddha before he achieved [...]

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  • Tourism in Lumbini

    Tourism in Lumbini

    Lumbini Nepal Tourism Travel Guide Mayadevi Mandir The Mayadevi Mandir and the neighboring tank are a part of the revered complex. It is regarded as the most momentous amongst all the monuments located in this holy site. The complex also testifies the variety of layers of construction that took place over the centuries. The nativity sculpture is the principal object of worship here. The sanctum institution is the birthplace [...]

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  • Explore Spirituality with the India Pilgrimage Tour

    Explore Spirituality with the India Pilgrimage Tour

    Spirituality and mysticism are synonymous with India. The soul of this country lies in the delight of the holy congregation of various religions. There is no better way to experience the spiritual side of this exotic land through a pilgrimage tour of India. It offers an extraordinary opportunity for a voyage to the essence of holiness. Throughout the history of Indian religions, the soulful interpretation of spirituality has been exquisitely [...]

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  • On the Buddhist trail

    On the Buddhist trail

    India has many famous Buddhist places. Here, you can find the list and detail about them - Kaushambi Spread over two sites, the remains of Kaushambi are associated with the sixth-and ninth-year sermons of Lord Buddha. The site has a fort near the river Yamuna, believed to date sixth century BC, with signs of occupation from eight century BC to sixth century AD. There is also a 25 m high stupa with the same diameter, a sandstone [...]

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  • Tourism in Palitana

    Tourism in Palitana

    Top Incredible Places to Visit in Palitana There are two more idols of Bhagwan Parsavnath that are situated here. One is known as Vighnaharan Parshvanath and the other one is called Chintamani Parshvanath. One can witness the footprints of Bhagwan Sambhavnath and Bhagwan Adinath on both the sides of the northern entrance. Bhagwan Adinath is believed to have visited the Shatrunjay Hill as many as 93 times. All the Jain temples in Palitana [...]

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  • Varanasi


    Temples in Varanasi hold an important place in the history of India. There are approx. 16 famous temples in this holy city. Varanasi is also known as the city of Lord Shiva. Most of the temples in Varanasi are centuries old and some of them are relatively newer. Here is the list of some famous temples of Varanasi. Temples in Varanasi hold an important place in the history of Varanasi. There are approx. 16 famous temples in this holy city. [...]

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  • Tourism in Trichy

    Tourism in Trichy

    Trichy or Tiruchirappalli is an ancient city in the southern state Tamil Nadu, India. Trichy has a history dating back is dated back to the 3rd century BC. The city has been ruled by the Cholas, Pandayas, Nayaka, and Pallavas dynasty. Best Places to Visit in Trichy Rock Fort Trichy's most acclaimed landmark, Rock Fort is an 83-meter long rock which is the sole outcrop in the plane land of the city. The most outstanding [...]

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  • Tourism in Chennai

    Tourism in Chennai

    ​​​​​​​Best Places to Visit in Chennai ​​​​​​​ Fort St. George & Museum The Fort St. George was established by the British East India Company in 1653. The fort has gone through a number of overhauls over the years. There is now a subdivision within the colossal confines that houses the Tamil Nadu's Legislative Assembly & Secretariat together with a modicum of ancient buildings. The Fort St. George & Museum illustrates [...]

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