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  • Kerala Tourism

    Kerala Tourism

    Kerala, god's own country or a country for the gods. By whichever name we might call it, its sheer spectacle in the rains is a panorama to remember. With the Arabian Sea in the west, the Western Ghats towering 500-2700 m in the east and networked by forty-four rivers, Kerala enjoys unique geographical features that have made it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. Art equable climate... A long shoreline with serene beaches... Tranquil [...]

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  • Why Visit to South India

    Why Visit to South India

    When we talk about India, it reminds of riotous colors, different cultures, and fantastic natural landscapes. But if we talk about South India it takes the edge on other destinations of India. Most famous states of south India like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka are full of old temples, World Heritage sites, and ancient native arts. Why Visit South India? There is a lot more to India for first-time traveler other than the famous [...]

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  • Explores the untouched beauty and wilderness of Siang district

    Explores the untouched beauty and wilderness of Siang district

    Less explored but the most fascinating district of Arunachal Pradesh is West Siang, which can be packaged for adventure sports with its lush green forests, deep river valleys, and beautiful plateau. Skirted by the Slang river, it is a land of song and colorful dance, of hard, eager work, fine spinning and weaving. The district is spread over 8,325 sq km touching Mac Mohan line with China in the north and East and Upper Siang districts in the [...]

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  • Tourism in Gangtok

    Tourism in Gangtok

    Located at an altitude of 5800 feet, Rumtek Monastery is the biggest monastery of Sikkim. This monastery which was constructed in 1740 and later overhauled in 1979 houses a golden stupa that contains the artifacts that trace back to the 16th Karmapa. In addition, there are various other hallowed Buddhist relics. Don’t forget to whip out your camera to capture the moments you spend here with your friends/family. Enchey Monastery Enchey [...]

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  • Srinagar


    Mughal Garden The Mughal Garden is a combination of three gardens – Chashmashahi, Nasim Bagh and Nishat Bagh. The garden attracts a large number of visitors throughout the year. These exquisite gardens graced with dazzling flowerbeds, cascading fountains and terraced lawns are heaven for tourists. These gardens exemplify the Mughal architectural style of decorations and constructions. The gardens at their complete blossom during the [...]

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  • Toy Trains of India

    Toy Trains of India

    The hilly regions of India not just offer picturesque and scenic viewpoints but are also home to some exquisite narrow gauge toy trains. From the Ooty Coonoor Toy Train in the southern state of Tamil Nadu to the stunning Darjeeling Toy Train in the north, India certainly offers a once in a lifetime India certainly offers a once in a lifetime experience in terms of riding unique trains. Some of the enjoyable toy trains in India that offer [...]

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  • Best Places to visit in Nepal

    Best Places to visit in Nepal

    When we talk about Nepal images of the Himalaya invoke in our minds. Eight of the world’s 10 tallest peaks are situated here. The country is, however, not only known for its high mountains, but also for its unique cultural heritage, artistic monuments, and exotic wildlife. which are reflected in the kingdom's languages, architecture, and biodiversity? Wedged between Tibet of the People’s Republic of China in the north and [...]

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  • Tourist Destinations of Kerala

    Tourist Destinations of Kerala

    Blessed with congenial climate and myriad of natural attractions, Kerala sets the perfect ambience for year long celebrations. The moment you enter Gods Own Country’, you will be affected by the easy disposition of its people. Spectacular beaches, serene backwaters, scenic hill stations, rejuvenating Ayurveda, lush green forests, rare flora and fauna are Kerala in a nutshell. Kerala is a state where you will find nature at its best. No artificial [...]

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  • Tulip Flower Festival of Kashmir

    Tulip Flower Festival of Kashmir

    Picture a contour of snow-tipped peaks overlooking the placid waters of the Dal lake. And nestled in its lap a grand silken carpet woven with colorful tulip blooms, with a lullaby of winds in the background. At the Indira Gandhi Memorial Garden in Srinagar, such poetry by nature comes alive. Also known as Sriraj Bagh, it is Asia's largest tulip garden and is famous for its annual 'Tulip festival.' The first fortnight of [...]

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  • Tourism in Kalimpong

    Tourism in Kalimpong

    Flower Nurseries are in abundance in Kalimpong as this place is known for horticulture. These flower nurseries export exotic and delightful flowers. This is the only place in the entire state where you will find commercial flower nurseries in large numbers. Located at a distance of about 3 kilometers from the city, The Universal Nursery is one of the most well-known flower nurseries in Kalimpong. Another leading nursery is the Sri Ganesh Moni Pradhan [...]

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  • Gulmarg


    The fascinating land of vibrant flowers, towering snow-capped mountains, lavish greenery, serene valleys – rejoice in all of these on your tour to the pleasant city of Gulmarg. This magnificent city is situated in the district of Baramula of Kashmir. Gulmarg is a tranquil hill resort in Jammu and Kashmir which entices excursionists from all around the world. If you are tired of the drudging life of the city, book your holiday package [...]

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  • When is the Best Time to Visit Kerala

    When is the Best Time to Visit Kerala

    Kerala is one of the hottest tourist destinations in India and has something to offer for all kinds of traveler throughout the year. Hence, it becomes very difficult to tell about the best time to visit Kerala as it totally depends on what you want to do and see during your trip. The climate is a hot tropical and receives rainfall from 2 monsoons. There are mainly three seasons in Kerala: December to February – It is a cool [...]

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  • Jammu and Kashmir Garden of Eden

    Jammu and Kashmir Garden of Eden

    Visit this paradise on earth. Luxuriate in a floating hotel otherwise called the houseboat in the beauteous environs of Dal lake. Romaticise as you float among the lotus on a moon night. Haggle at the floating fruit and flower markets at the crack of dawn. Among other customers are mallards and geese. Ski in the meadow of flowers and watch the sun rise from the golden meadow. The vale of Kashmir is heaven on earth. As the legend goes, during [...]

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  • Tourism in Pelling

    Tourism in Pelling

    Pelling is a revered destination for various reasons. While its culture, religion, and history attract half of the tourists, the other half are enchanted by its immaculate charm, tranquilizing natural environment and the breathtaking waterfalls such as the Sangay and the Kanchenjunga. The biggest attraction here is the Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world. One can clearly see this imposing peak from the tiny town. Pemayangtse [...]

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  • Dharamshala


    Dalai Lama Temple The Dalai Lama Temple is a graceful and tranquil complex situated in Upper Dharamshala. The temple is only a brief walk away from the McLeod Bus Station. Embellished with the colorful and bright prayer flags, it is ideal for long peaceful strolls or practicing meditation in the morning. Kangra Museum Another enchanting attraction in Dharamshala is the Kangra Museum where you will have a great time catching [...]

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  • Tourism in Munnar

    Tourism in Munnar

    If you visit Kerala, you must definitely pay a visit to The Munnar Tea Gardens. You can capture the fascinating flora and fauna using your camera as you gallivant around the gardens. You may also get the privilege to watch the unusual species of mountain goat Ibex or Nilgiri Tahr, flying squirrels, lion tailed macaque, tigers, elephants, Nilgiri wood pigeons, and many others while on your trip to these gardens. The best time to go on an expedition [...]

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