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  • Interesting Facts about Statue of Unity

    Interesting Facts about Statue of Unity

    Are your tour of Sardar Patel’s Statue of Unity in India? If yes, then you might have done some research work on this man, who was the first home minister of India titled “Iron Man of India”. This Statue is the desire of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and is designed by the famous sculptor. Statue of Unity has become the perfect landmark of India, attracting tourists from all across the globe. This extravagant architecture has been [...]

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  • Tourism in Pondicherry

    Tourism in Pondicherry

    The foundation of the city was laid by a yoga instructor Mirra Alfassa in the year 1968. She was fondly known as the Mother. She had an unwavering belief in the ideology of Sri Aurobindo. The Mother established this city with a view to creating a far-reaching change in the ways of thinking among people pertaining to human relations. The project was given the go-ahead by UNESCO in 1966. One of the chief attractions of this city is Matrimandir. [...]

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  • Trekking Tour of Sikkim

    Trekking Tour of Sikkim

    Nature has blessed this state with unsurpassed beauty which sometimes seems unreal. Variation in altitude provides an opportunity to visitors to experience dramatic changes in climate as well as flora and fauna - right from sub-tropical to temperate to alpine to high altitude areas in a short span of time. Darjeeling is the gateway to Sikkim. It is about five hours drive from Bagdogra which is well connected with major Indian cities by air service. [...]

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  • Markha Valley Trek in Ladakh

    Markha Valley Trek in Ladakh

    The Indian Himalayan ranges are undoubtedly one of the most spectacular and impressive mountain ranges in the world. As soon as one starts on a trek in this grand mountain chain, one comes across numerous settlements, ancient temples, and isolated monasteries. The bucolic lifestyle of the simple folk carries away the visitor to another time and place. The thrill of finding oneself amidst snow-capped peaks, glaciers, pine-forested slopes, rivers [...]

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