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  • 5 Most important World Heritage Sites of India by UNESCO

    5 Most important World Heritage Sites of India by UNESCO

    Heritage Tourism India is very popular as this country boasts a maximum number of heritage sites. India has been ruled by many emperors and through several periods. Be it Mughals, Rajputana, and a lot more and so you can enjoy the tourism here with great enthusiasm. India is rich in history, and if you’re a history lover, then India is the right destination. As the country is overflowing with so many forts and carvings, the list of UNESCO [...]

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  • Heritage Tours India

    Heritage Tours India

    With a fascinating 5000 years old history India has many things to offer for all kinds of travellers through its Heritage tour of India. India is blessed with diverse religions, cultures, and traditions. One lifetime is not enough to visit all parts of India. Apart from ancient history, India is also blessed with a rich heritage and architecture. Heritage monuments like Taj Mahal in Agra, Jama Masjid, Humayun’s tomb, Qutub Minar, Red Fort [...]

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  • Top 5 Overland Journeys in India

    Top 5 Overland Journeys in India

    Best discovered by road, the Indian landscape will take you on an unimaginable journey through the highest passes in the world, into the wild countryside along the great Arabian ocean on smooth and bone-rattling tar. Be ready to take it all in, if you want to get under the skin of the place. Here are Some of the Top Road Journeys that one can Take in India. Manali / Leh A journey that is bound to end up as a resilient [...]

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  • Tourism in Bhuj

    Tourism in Bhuj

    Bhuj Tourism and Travel Guide The village of Dhamanka is also famous for block printing. Articles manufactured in these villages make good relics as well as items for everyday use. The Dholavira village is an ancient place that is linked with the Indus Valley Civilization. Some other prominent places to visit are the sea resort at Mandvi and Than Monastery. Some other places that are worth visiting near the city of Bhuj are the town [...]

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  • Hampi Ranked 2nd In New York Times

    Hampi Ranked 2nd In New York Times

    New York Times recently posted a list of the top 52 must-see places in 2019 on their website. One of the most popular UNESCO approved sites of India Hampi got the second place in the list. According to a report from the tourism department of India, approx 5.35 lakh tourists visit Hampi last year and 38000 were foreigners. According to the New York Times, it is an ancient archaeological complex and highlighted the site as more accessible by direct [...]

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  • Magic in the Middle of India

    Magic in the Middle of India

    Madhya Pradesh offers you new vistas every single time you visit, no matter how many times you go there. We undertook an extensive journey through Madhya Pradesh to bring you the top destinations to visit in the coming months. The thing with this vast collection of natural and heritage wonders is that you need at least a few days to cover everything and you'll still have something to come back for. Famous Tourist Places of Madhya Pradesh [...]

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  • Pragpur Heritage Village

    Pragpur Heritage Village

    Pragpur Village is known to be the home of the most beautiful forts. The rich history of the village has leveraged it with some of the exquisite forts that attract the eyes of the architectures and photographers from around the world. This village has been the hub of foreign tourists since its inception into the list of Heritage list - A Huge Shopping Destination The narrow streets of the village are a treat for shoppers. [...]

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  • Tourism in Rajgir and Nalanda

    Tourism in Rajgir and Nalanda

    Rajgir Tourism and Rajgir Travel Guide Today, Rajgir is regarded as one of the top pilgrimages for Buddhists. There are many gorgeous Jain and Hindu temples that draw visitors from both religions to the place. Rajgir is not only considered as a site for worship but it is also revered as a winter and health resort owing to its warm water pools. These pools are believed to possess curative attributes that can aid in curing many skins-related [...]

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  • Ellora Caves Unesco World Heritage Site

    Ellora Caves Unesco World Heritage Site

    The Rashirakuta's took control of the Deccan from early western Chalukya’s around 750 AD. The most important site with these rulers is Ellora, where several cave engravings were carried out under their aegis. At this site, Cave 16 the Kailashnatha Temple is unsurpassed and probably the last Hindu excavation. It is the most striking cave temple amongst the other 34 at the site. Craftsmen have pushed carving techniques to the limit. Though [...]

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  • Heritage State of South India

    Heritage State of South India

    If you want to get into a spiritualistic mood visit the world-famous Aurbindo Ashram and Auroville and be blessed with a lot of peace and goodness. And if you are looking for some lively activity and fun, what better way than attending the various fairs and festivals that are organized frequently. And if you still haven't had enough, you could go shopping in this shopper's paradise. This is Pondicherry or Puducherry for you. Pondicherry tourism [...]

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  • Tourism in Mahabalipuram

    Tourism in Mahabalipuram

    Mahabalipuram Tourism India: Places to Visit, Best Time & Travel Arjuna's Penance is an enormous alfresco monolith built around the seventh century. Standing at a height of 43 feet, the monolith was chiseled on the face of two juxtaposed megaliths. The vibrancy and realism of the sculptured structures stand testimony to the extraordinary artistry of their chiselers. Arjuna's Penance exhibits over depictions of gods and [...]

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  • Eklingji Nagda Temples

    Eklingji Nagda Temples

    Eklingji Nagda Temples Tour Guide Eklingji Temple is one of the most well-known temples in Rajasthan. Situated in the city of Eklingji, the place earned its name from this famous temple. The city of Kailashpuri or Eklingji is situated in the midst of a stunning valley on the lands of Rajasthan that is known to house some of the finest temples of India. The temple is located at a distance of 22 kilometers towards the north of Udaipur. [...]

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