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  • 11 Top Places to Visit and Best Things to Do in Bhutan

    11 Top Places to Visit and Best Things to Do in Bhutan

    Nature has bountifully gifted Bhutan - the land of Thunder Dragon. With the brilliant Himalayas and a magnificent landscape, Bhutan leaves you spoilt for choices when it comes to places of interest and the best things to do. A land of picturesque monasteries and natural wonders, Bhutan is a place everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. Rejuvenate yourself in this gorgeous land with our Bhutan tour packages. Visit Taktsang [...]

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  • Rajasthan Village Tour

    Rajasthan Village Tour

    Situated in the northwest of India, Rajasthan is known as the land of forts, palaces, and Maharajas’ of the Rajput era. It is full of rich heritage and royal history. A trip to Rajasthan gives a chance to explore historical sites, wildlife sanctuaries, sand dunes, lakes, art galleries, museums, palaces, temples, and the list is endless. These north Indian cities offer some incredible travel experiences. Apart from its rich and royal side it [...]

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  • Best Things to do in Rajasthan

    Best Things to do in Rajasthan

    If you are looking for a travel destination in India that offers a myriad of experiences, Rajasthan is the best alternative. It is a true royal state in all manners. Be it rich food, colossal forts & palaces, rustic beauty of the desert, preserved heritage and culture or delightful attractions, Rajasthan welcomes every visitor with a warm heart and hospitality. If you are travelling to Rajasthan, keep the following to-do list handy and make sure [...]

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  • Rann of Kutch

    Rann of Kutch

    Why You Should Visit the Rann of Kutch It is a briny wilderness where you get an opportunity to enjoy the spine-tingling cross-desert safari tours and also a chance to watch the exquisite wildlife including the threatened wild ass. There are also various distinctive villages across the outskirt of the desert. This place is heaven for birdwatchers during the winter seasons. Striking birds like desert chat, sand grouse, and nine species of larks, [...]

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  • 13 Amazing Things to do on Golden Triangle Tour India

    13 Amazing Things to do on Golden Triangle Tour India

    Are you travelling to India for the first time? If yes, the Golden Triangle Tour must be on your cards. We do not want you to miss anything amazing while you are on the Golden Triangle tour in India. So, here we are with a complete list of 13 things you must do on the Golden Triangle Tour in India. Here you go! Visit Historical Monuments in Delhi Delhi is home to more than a dozen historical monuments and landmarks including Qutub [...]

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