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Why Visit to South India

Nature and Landscapes
Why Visit to South India

When we talk about India, it reminds of riotous colors, different cultures, and fantastic natural landscapes. But if we talk about South India it takes the edge on other destinations of India.  Most famous states of south India like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka are full of old temples, World Heritage sites, and ancient native arts.


Why Visit South India?


There is a lot more to India for first-time traveler other than the famous Taj Mahal and that is southern India. Tours of Southern India gives travelers a more relaxing environment than the busy cities of northern India.  South India consists of five main states: Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana.


  • 1. Temples of South India

South India has a plethora of Hindu temples. Many are UNESCO approved World Heritage sites. There is no city or town without having its own temple. Most of the temple has multi-story Gopuram (entrance gates), rocketing into the sky.  Brihadisvara Temple is India’s tallest temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is located in the most popular city - Thanjavur.  It was built by emperor Raja Raja Chola I in 1010 AD.  It is a perfect example of Tamizhan architecture from the Chola period.


Meenakshi Temple or Meenakshi-Sundareshwara Temple derives its name from the mother goddess Meenakshi. Devotees believe that as the fish protects its eggs with its eyesight, so protects  Meenakshi Devi protects her devotees’ with her eyes.   


There are a number of UNESCO World Heritage sites in Mamallapuram. These sites include temples, shrines, and sanctuaries and belong to the 7th and 8th centuries.  Shore Temple in Mahabalipuram is one of the oldest temples of South India situated near the seashore.  It is built in the 7th century during the Pallava dynasty. It comprises five story’s and has a rock-cut structure.


  • 2. Tea Plantations


South India states share a major part in the production of coffee in India. The production of tea really increased in India during the days of British rule, when a large number of the area were converted for mass production of Tea. Tea Plantations sites attract many domestic and international travelers. Coorg, Munnar, Ooty, and Kelagur are some well-known tourist destinations if a traveler wants to see a tea plantation.


Why Visit to South India

  • 3. Tiger Watching In Nagarhole


Nagarahole National Park earlier hunting ground of the Maharaja of Mysore is blessed with good numbers of Tigers.  It is a home of Leopards,  elephants, gaur, and sambarIt is a part of the Nilgiri Mountain range and is backed by the Brahamagiri Mountains. There is so much more than South India has to offer. 


  • 4. Backwaters of South India


Alleppey also is known as  ‘Venice of the East’ is an attractive town in Kerala. It is one of the most important tourist centers of Kerala because of the large network of internal canals. Many of the Kerala backwater houseboat package either starts or ends at this point.   It does not matter if you are going there for a honeymoon, family holidays, or leisure tour these houseboats are the perfect choice for your stay.


  • 5. Ayurveda Treatments


Ayurveda is a natural ancient healing system. Ayur means life and Veda means science which is 5000 years old system. Travelers love to include Ayurveda Treatment packages in their itinerary during their trip to south India. There are many well managed and famous Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala.  Options of Yoga classes and boat tours of backwater are also available with these resorts.


Ayurveda Tours India


When is the best time to visit South India?


  • November  to April


This is the best time to visit South India is from. This is the most recommendable period due to pleasant weather and festivals.  Adventure lovers should travel to south India after the monsoon when everything turns in Green there.  This is the best time to do activities like hiking, cycling, and explore cultural heritage.


  • March to May  


During the hotter months of March and May traveler can go for a Wildlife tour of south India. This is the best time for elephant sighting in Periyar National ParkKerala and Bandipur National park,- Karnataka.


  • May to August


According to Ayurveda Experts monsoon is the best time for rejuvenation therapies because the pores of our body open wide and it helps to fully absorb the oils and therapeutic treatments.


  • October to November


This is the best time to experience the celebration of festivals in South India.  


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