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Where to go in India for Wildlife Lovers

Where to go in India for Wildlife Lovers

India is always being a hotspot for wildlife lovers and enthusiasts.  When planning out where to go on a Wildlife Tour India, you may start looking the options available from the high ranges of the Himalayas to the tip of Kanyakumari, India is a home of natural habitats, wildlife sanctuaries, Wildlife national parks, and wildlife reserve areas. Some rare species that can only be sighted in India are Royal Bengal Tiger in Ranthambore and Sunderban, Snow leopard in the Himalayas, One-Horned Rhinoceros in Kaziranga, Assam and many others.  India has a wide range of tour packages for wildlife lovers.

List of the Places you Should Travel for Wildlife in India


Ranthambore Park is located in the Swaimadhopur of Rajasthan.  It is previously a famous hunting ground for the Maharajas and people of Royal families.  It is home to Tigers, crocodiles, and leopards.  It is spreading over in an area of 392 km. 


How to get there: The park is located at 80 km and three hours drive from Jaipur.


Things to See in Ranthambore National Park:


Here are details of things to see are Trinetra Ganesh Temple, Ranthambore Fort, Surwal Lake, Padam Talao Lake, Raj Bagh.


  • Species to see: Tigers, leopards, Indian foxes, Nilgai, Hyenas, Jackals, Pelicans,  Monkeys, Langur, birds like - Flamingos, Egrets, and Parakeets.


  • Best Time to visit March to May but March to May is the best time for tiger sighting, Park remains closed from July to September


  • 2. Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh

The Park is located at the centre of India and is home to the famous white tiger. It is always included in the itinerary when we talk about the Delhi-Taj-Tigers circuit. It is worth spending more than one day here. 


Where to go in India for Wildlife Lovers

Species to see - Bengal Tigers, leopards, Elephants, Indian foxes, deers, primates, reptiles, and many species of Indian birds.

How to get there:  The nearest town is Jabalpur to reach Bandhavgarh. There is a taxi service available from Jabalpur to Umaria.

Best Time to visit October to June but March to May is the best time for tiger sighting,  Park remains closed from July to September 


It is located on the western Gujarati peninsula. This park is well known for its Asiatic lions.  Enjoy exciting jungle safari and have a close encounter with the king of the jungle. 



How to get there:  The Nearest city is Junagarh to reach Sasangir.  It has a railway station which is connected to all the major cities of Gujarat.


Species to see Asiatic Lions, leopards, striped Hyenas, Indian foxes, deer, primates, reptiles, and many species of Indian birds.


Best Time to visitDecember to April, the park remains closed from mid of June to mid of September


  • 4. Sunderbans National Park, West Bengal

This statement is very much true that whether you see a tiger here or not, Tiger will spot you.  Sunderban is a naturalist’s paradise along with its marshy land, dense mangroves, and Bengal tigers.  It is spread over 54 islands and covers the area of 4624 km.  Go on a Tiger trail, visit the crocodile park and mangrove eco-system.


How to get there: The Park is around 95 km far away from Kolkata city.

Species to see - Royal Bengal Tiger, Fishing Cats, Leopard cats, wild boars, crabs, Macaques, Grey Mangoose, bull sharks, Crocodiles, primates and snakes, dolphins.


Best Time to visit October to April


This park is situated in the Hilly areas of the Cardamom Hills in Kerala.  It is also a tiger reserve. On the northern side of the park enjoy the boating and see the animals up real close.


How to get there: It is a three hours’ drive from Kochi city. Kochi is well-connected by road, train, and Air.

Species to see: Tigers, Elephants, lion-tailed Macaques, Sambar, swamp deer, leopard and Bison.

Best Time to visit October to April

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