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Tourism in Diu

Forts and Palaces
Tourism in Diu

St. Paul's Church is devoted to the Lady of Immaculate Conception. The church was established around the seventeenth century. It is regarded as the most imposing church amongst all the Portuguese churches in the country. The Jesuits founded the St. Paul's Church in 1600 and it was reconstructed in 1807.


There is a large barn inside the church inundated with heavy dark wood and a miniature cloister located next door. The main entryway of the church is embellished with shell-like motifs and volutes.


Owing to the lack of a house where the antiquated statues and numerous stone engravings could be stored, the ancient St. Thomas Church was transformed into Diu Museum. The museum contains statues, wooden engravings, shadow clocks, idols and various other significant relics that were gleaned from different sites.


Tourism in Diu

The Naida Caves are located outside the wall of the town. These caves have an alluring, dense arrangement of square hand-hewn hollows and the steps that lead to nowhere. This is where the Portuguese used to chop off their building materials.


The Fudam village, which is over 3 kilometres away from the town of Diu, is where the Gangeshwar Temple is located. The temple was built in reverence of Lord Shiva. There are five lingams placed in the centre of the rocks on the seafront, and are drenched by the sea waves from time to time. These lingams are believed to have been formed by the five Pandava brothers when they stayed here during their exile.


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