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Tourism in Cochin

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Tourism in Cochin

List of Tourist Attractions in Cochin


  • Chinese Fishing Nets


Chinese Fishing Nets has become a very enchanting attraction for tourists owing to its massive size exquisite construction. The original fishing nets were brought to cochin in the year 1350 by the Chinese adventurer Zheng He. The fascinating bays in Cochin are graced with the Chinese Fishing Nets which offers a pleasant scene for the tourists to feast their eyes on.. If the idea of watching the sunset peaks your interest, you must stick around to gaze at the spellbinding view of the sun setting through these nets. 


  • Jewish Synagogue


Jewish Synagogue is a magnificently grand structure which was constructed when the Jews moved to Mattancherry in 1568. It is regarded as one of the earliest tabernacles in the Commonwealth nations. Jewish Synagogue is situated in the Old Cochin which is also familiarly known as Jew Town. The colossal edifice is located in close proximity to the Mattancherry Palace Temple. This phenomenal architecture consists of four buildings where have a clock tower, Belgian class candelabrums, various gold crowns obtained as gifts, the scrolls of the Law, and a brass-railed podium. The floor of the synagogue is adorned with willow pattern tiles that were imported from China.


On your trip to Cochin, you must definitely visit the beautiful and historic Dutch Palace. This captivating attraction is about 10 kilometers away from Cochin. The marvelous architecture was constructed by the Portuguese in 1555 and presented to the former king of Cochin. Later, the Dutch established their sovereignty over the realm. The attractive interiors, drawings accompanied by a variety of items portraying Hindu artistry will enthrall you.


Tourism in Cochin

  • St. Francis Church


St. Francis Church is the most primeval European church in the country. The church which was built back in 1503, distinctly illustrates the history of Christianity in India. It might also be interesting for you to note that the demise of the famous adventurer Vasco Da Gama took place in the city of Cochin. His body was laid to rest in this church. However, the body was later taken back to his home country, Portugal.


When taking delight in the many attractions of Cochin, you should also reveal your senses with the beautiful Kathakali Dance. The dance patterns never fail to charm art enthusiasts from all over the globe. You will be astounded by the colors and tone that exhibit the nature of the performers.


When selecting your Cochin tour packages that the India Holiday Mall has to offer, you can request to be shown the classical Kathakali dance.


The major attractions offered by the India Holiday Mall in Cochin center around the elegance of Chinese fishing nets on the coastline, vibrant shops, momentous Kochi fort, and the blend of rich cultures. Its invigorating beauty and the exuberant vacationers will certainly offer you to relish your vacation in a joyful and remarkable manner.


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