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Tourism in Bhuj

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Tourism in Bhuj

Bhuj Tourism and Travel Guide


The village of Dhamanka is also famous for block printing. Articles manufactured in these villages make good relics as well as items for everyday use. The Dholavira village is an ancient place that is linked with the Indus Valley Civilization. Some other prominent places to visit are the sea resort at Mandvi and Than Monastery.


Some other places that are worth visiting near the city of Bhuj are the town of Gandhidham and Anjal Wild Ass Sanctuary. 


Bhuj is popular for its palaces, which are mostly constructed in the traditional Kutchi fashion. Let us take a look at some of the eminent palaces in Bhuj.


The Palace of Mirrors or Aina Mahal is surrounded by a tiny bastioned courtyard which was constructed in the eighteenth century. It is situated in the ancient part of the city. The Mahal also houses a museum which makes it one of the prominent tourist spots. Within the palace, there is also The Pleasure Pool and The Hall of Mirrors which are also regarded as very significant.


The Prag Mahal is located near the Aina Mahal which was constructed in the second half of the nineteenth century.


Tourism in Bhuj

The Kutch Museum which was previously known as the Ferguson Museum was constructed in 1877. The museum has a great collection of relics depicting the culture and history of Bhuj and the surroundings. It is the most ancient museum in Gujarat.


The Chattardi or the Cenotaphs Complex was constructed using red stones. The tombs of the monument were destroyed owing to the earthquakes that took place since 1819. This polygon-shaped complex has many balconies in addition to a sophisticatedly engraved roof. The cenotaphs were regarded as memorial sites for the noble family.


India Holiday Mall offers a myriad of tour packages to various prominent cities all across the country. Despite having been hit by a colossal earthquake and being completely razed, Bhuj has significantly regained the reputation of being one of the prominent tourist destinations. Bhuj allows you to experience a wide range of civilizations and significant events that took place in South Asia.


You also get an opportunity to explore the places associated with Alexander the Great's journey into India and palaces, tombs and many other monuments that were established during the reign of the Jadeja Rajputs, the British Raj, the Gujarat Sultans, and the Naga Chiefs. All in all, this is the best perfect place to go to witness the rich heritage of Gujarat.


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