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Tourism in Ahmedabad

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Tourism in Ahmedabad

The Calico Museum contains the exquisite collection of prehistoric and contemporary Indian textiles which were all handmade about 500 years ago. There are some mind-blowing magnificent relics that represent great adroitness and opulence. You will get a chance to catch a glimpse of the Kashmiri shawls that were made in a span of three years.


The main textile galleries are available for exhibition only in the mornings. The afternoon tour includes heading over to the Sarabhai Foundation's Collection where you witness the depiction of Indian Gods.


Situated in close proximity to the Lal Darwaza in Ahmadabad is the Siddi Sayed Mosque. Built-in the year 1573, it is one of the oldest and significant mosques in the city. Sidi Sayyed, who was a slave of Sultan Ahmed Shah laid the foundation of this grandiose monument. It contains ten quasi-circular windows, the charm of which is emphasized by the marvelous mesh that covers them. Owing to its magnificence, the monument has earned global recognition.


Tourism in Ahmedabad

Places to Visit in Ahmedabad


Sabarmati Ashram, located on the banks of the Sabarmati river, is one of the unmissable places on your Ahmadabad tour itinerary. A tranquil atmosphere, depictions of the pre-independence period, Mahatma Gandhi's life journey depicted in photographs are some of the dazzling features of this place. You don't need a ticket to visit the place and it is open for exploration throughout the week.


Hathi Singh Jain Temple was built by Seth Harisingh in the year 1850. He was an affluent Jain trader who established this temple to show his reverence for Dharamnath, who was the 15th Jain Tirthankar.


The temple, constructed in white marble, is embellished with sophisticatedly designed sculptures. It is a double-storied monument. The temple consists of 52 shrines and each shrine is bedecked with an illustration of a Tirthankar.


Ahmadabad welcomes tourists from all across the globe who want to get a feel of the vibrant culture of the city. India Holiday Mall is currently extending tour packages to Ahmadabad for tourists looking to witness the cultural heritage of the city. With our affordable packages and luxurious accommodation facilities, you will certainly be a happy camper.


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