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Top Ten Most Popular Churches in India

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Top Ten Most Popular Churches in India

India has had many religions living peacefully within its border from ages even before the books of history could track them. The history of Christianity and churches date back to 52 A.D. in India, and today Christianity has more than 28 million followers in the country. Throughout history, many rulers and governments have created numerous exquisite churches, which are now popular spots and religious destinations in India.

Be it the charming architecture or the spiritual essence, these beautiful churches in India are well-known for many reasons. As a traveler, it is a delight to explore these churches and admire their beauty! 

Let’s Take a Look at the Ten Most Popular Churches in India -

1. Basilica of Bom Jesus, Goa

Located in Old Goa, the ancient capital of Portuguese dominion, the Basilica of Bom Jesus is a major historical spot that attracts visitors from all over the world. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the church retains the mummified remains of St. Francis Xavier, one of the co-founders of the Society of the Jesus or Jesuits, who is also believed to have possessed inexplicable healing powers. Established from 1594 onwards, the church was constructed in 1605 in a Baroque architectural style and is one of the oldest churches in India. The interiors of the church are as enticing as the outer architecture, which makes it one of the must-visit churches in India. 

2. Velankanni Church, Nagapattinam 

One of the most visited churches in India, Velankanni Church is famous for its Basilica, which is dedicated to the ‘Lady of Health’ and is called Our Lady of Good Health or Our Lady of Velankanni. Located in Velankanni Town on the coast of the Bay of Bengal, the shrine is a great symbol of multicultural and international, and religious harmony.

3. Santa Cruz Basilica, Kerala

Settled at Fort Kochi in Kerala, Santa Cruz Basilica was established in 1505 by Francisco de Almeida and was declared as a basilica by the then Pope John Paul II in 1984. The majestic Gothic architecture of this church is a blissful sight to behold. One of the most stunning churches in India, it is also one of the important heritage sites in the country. It also boasts beautiful paintings by esteemed Italian painter, Fra Antonio Moscheni.

4. Christ Church, Shimla 

Situated in the center of the town of Shimla, Christ Church is believed to be the second oldest church in North India. The church is a prominent landmark of Shimla that showcases the beauty of British-era architecture. Constructed in the Neo-Gothic style in 1857, the church contains five fine stained glass windows, which represent different Christian virtues of Faith, Hope, Charity, Fortitude, Patience, and Humility.

5. St. Paul Cathedral, Kolkata 

One of the most majestic churches in India, the St. Paul Cathedral is a must-see in Kolkata. Built-in Gothic Revival Style, the cathedral has gorgeous arched windows with stained glass, which makes it quite a sight to see when the sun rays fall through them. The frescoes inside the church are a sight to behold! One of the best times to visit the church is during the midnight mass on Christmas Eve when the church is lit up. It is the most amazing thing you can feast your eyes on.

6. Moravian Church, Leh 

Located at a height of more than 11000 feet, Moravian Church in Leh is among the highest churches in India. The church was established in Leh by German missionaries in 1834 who brought some local Buddhist residents into their fold. Belonging to the Protestant denomination, the church has a history of being a successful attempt of missionaries to far-away places in India.


Top Ten Most Popular Churches in India

7. St. Philomena’s Church, Mysuru 

Built-in AD 1840, St. Philomena’s is a Roman Catholic Church. Earlier known as St. Joseph Chaver, the church is built in the Gothic Style of architecture and has twin towers that stand majestically at 175 feet. The beautiful church resembles St. Patrick’s cathedral in New York and a church in Cologne. It is one of the most important historical sites in Mysuru and popular spot for travelers from all over the world. A beautiful landmark in Mysuru, it looks even more beautiful in the evening sky.

8. Reis Magos Church, Goa –

Built-in 1555 by Franciscan Friars, the dazzling Reis Magos Church is located in Reis Magos Village of North Goa by the banks of the Mandovi River. A majestic Portuguese-styled white monument standing tall amidst the quaint village, the church is dedicated to celebrating the Feast of the Three Wise Men annually and is a must-visit church in India. 

9. St Aloysius Chapel, Mangalore 

Set atop Lighthouse Hill, St Aloysius Chapel is a Catholic Church that has a regal look that is breathtaking right from the entrance. One of the famous churches to visit in India, the stunning wall paintings of St. Aloysius Chapel are magnificent and attract visitors in large numbers. The vistas of the Arabian Sea from the campus is worth the trip if you wish to capture a part of the history and the natural landscape of this part of the city.

10. Mount Mary Church, Mumbai 

A Roman Catholic Church situated atop a hillock, the Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount, commonly called the Mount Mary Church by the locals, s one of the finest specimens of its kind. Situated in the suburbs of Mumbai, the church offers stunning vistas of the bustling Arabian Sea as it beautifully reflects different shades of blue. A must-visit church in India, the church is visited by people of all faiths to attain some peace and tranquillity.


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