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Top 10 Tourist Places Near South India

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Top 10 Tourist Places Near South India

South India tourism is very popular among travelers and a must-visit destination. Southern states of India offer abundant beauty with some breathtaking views that truly add some refreshment in your South India tour. This destination offers you some spectacular and untouched beaches along with exhilarating hill stations. The culture and tradition of South Indians are quite amazing and mesmerizing that will empower you to explore this place again and again.


So are you confused between South India tourist places? We’ve got you covered! Below-mentioned is top 10 tourist places near South India that one must visit:


1. Coorg


Popularly known as “Scotland of South”, Coorg is a beautiful destination that offers a magnificent view of some untouched waterfalls. The grey clouds blending with greenery of the hills along with water rushing down the rocks seem mesmerizing. You could feel so refreshed here, making Coorg a perfect getaway destination.

Best time to visit- March and April



2. Thekkady


This destination is home to many wildlife animals boasting the world’s famous Periyar National Park that quaint in the village of Thekkady. If you’re an animal lover, then this place should be on your priority list while exploring South India.

Best time to visit- March to May



3. Wayanad


Wayanad is a heaven on earth that seems like God has blessed this place with true cherishing views and exciting climate. It is a famous hill station in South India, which has green mountains, cloudy weather, and water rushing with gleaming noise.

Best time to visit- October to May


4. Kodaikanal


Immerse yourself in the magnificent beauty of the rolling hills covered in the fascinating mist and dense forest in Kodaikanal.  This hill station is dubbed with the title “Princesses of Hills”, ranking high on the list of hills stations in the country. And the credit goes to the abundant beauty of Kodaikanal.

Best time to visit- October to June


Top 10 Tourist Places Near South India

5. Gokarna


This is a small town situated in the Western Ghats of India, recognized for its unscathed beaches. If you’re a lazy type that just loves to spend time doing nothing, then Gokarna is an ideal destination. This beach is offbeat, which is why you can soak the sun with great tranquility and peace.

Best time to visit- October to March



6. Hampi


Are you interested in archeology and like dig out human history? Well, Hampi will be the right place for you that offers some amazing and unbelievable majestic ruins of ancient India. You could come across the famous Vijayanagar kingdom, which is UNESCO Heritage Site.

 Best time to visit- October to February



7. Pondicherry


Pondicherry is basically the France of India as historically this city was built during the French revolution and boasts the same architecture.  You could feel a different atmosphere in Pondicherry that involves a friendly nature of humans, wall paintings, small lanes, and a lot more, which locks your enthusiasm.

Best time to visit- October to March



8. Munnar


This is another fantastic destination surrounded by tea gardens and aroma that will mesmerize you completely. Munnar is again a hill station in South that is nestled between tall mountains and tea gardens, providing you a spectacular view of this place.

Best time to visit- June to September



9. Ooty


Enjoy a natural bliss in Ooty that will provide you with amazing experiences. Honeymooners across the world visit Ooty to begin their love journey as the climate is pretty amazing and the backdrop is absolutely mesmerizing. The breezy wind, cloudy mountains, and greenery all around, makes Ooty the best ever destination.


10. Kochi


This city is an amalgamation of British, Arabs, Dutch, Chinese, and Portuguese as you’ll feel the pinch of every culture here. Kochi has an ancient fort that provides you with beautiful architecture.

Best time to visit- Around the year.




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