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Places to Visit in Srinagar

Nature and Landscapes
Places to Visit in Srinagar

Sightseeing & Tourist Attractions in Srinagar


  • Mughal Garden


The Mughal Garden is a combination of three gardens – Chashmashahi, Nasim Bagh, and Nishat Bagh. The garden attracts a large number of visitors throughout the year. These exquisite gardens graced with dazzling flowerbeds, cascading fountains and terraced lawns are heaven for tourists. These gardens exemplify the Mughal architectural style of decorations and constructions. The gardens at their complete blossom during the flowering season which makes for an awe-inspiring view for tourists.


  • Dal Lake


Dal Lake is the most popular attraction of the town of Srinagar. Familiarly known as the Srinagar’s Jewel, the Dal Lake has been revered for centuries for its charm and allure which ravishes every visitor with delight. This marvelous lake is stretched over a region of 15.5 kilometers and is surrounded by the gardens of the Mughal era, monumental buildings, and parks. In addition to that, the snow-capped mountains around the three sides make it one of the most fascinating lakes of India. The best way to explore the bewitching charm is by taking the shikara ride. Besides, you can also enjoy a lot of water sports activities such as kayaking, swimming, canoeing, and skiing.


Places to Visit in Srinagar

There is also an island by the name of Char Chinar in the lake. If you could summon the courage to set off on a trip to Srinagar, you will be absolutely thrilled to go on a skating ride on the ice-cold Dal Lake. The lake has also been shown in many romantic Bollywood songs, thus making it a paradise for lovers. 


  • Shankaracharya Temple


One of the most venerable Hindu pilgrimage sites in Srinagar, the Shankaracharya temple is situated on top of a hill called ‘Takht-e-Suleiman’. This ancient temple is located at a height of 1100 feet over the surface level of the main city. A tour of this sanctified temple includes a trek to the hilltop.


Shankaracharya Temple is a monument that carries immense prestige, not only in terms of religious significance but also for its architectural charm. The temple structure stands on an elevated octagonal platform. One has to climb a flight of over a hundred steps in order to reach the top. The sidewalls are believed to have once featured valuable inscriptions. 


Besides, there are a lot of mosques and temples in Srinagar which are worth visiting. India Holiday Mall is extending packages to Srinagar for tourists yearning to explore Srinagar which is also known as ‘Paradise on Earth’. Contact us for the most affordable package deals today.


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