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Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park Safari 


The Ranthambore National Park is well-known for its tiger populace. This is one of the ideal destinations in India to witness the imposing carnivores living in their natural habitat. It is the only tiger reserve where you can spot tigers at any point in time. It is for this reason that the place is appealingly prominent for the tiger expeditions.


The park is a dense forest which makes the experience of observing the tigers more fun and common. The forest was previously a part of the lavish forest of Central India. In order to take delight in awesome safaris with the help of a jeep, elephant or a canter, you must be familiar with the timings so that you can acquire maximum thrill from your safari tours. In addition to the tigers, you will also see wild boar, sloth bear, leopard, chital, hyena, nilgai and sambar. This wildlife sanctuary is also home to a large range of plants, reptiles, birds, and trees. The reserve also has a large population of birds with over more than 270 types of species.



Ranthambore National Park

The Nahargarh Fort is situated in the vicinity of the Ranthambore Park. However, it has now been transformed into a hotel today. The Nahargarh Fort in Ranthambore is an authentic miniature of a Rajput castle, radiating dignified majesty and brilliance. The fort faces the wildlife sanctuary which further elaborates the embellishments of the National Park


When going on a tiger expedition in Ranthambore, you would also need to make some more time for relaxation. You wouldn't be able to finish the entire tour in only a day. Therefore, you need to make some arrangements for your accommodation well in advance of the trip. Depending on the number of days you are going to spend here and the choice of your comforts, you can choose from a wide range of luxuriant hotels and resorts. You will have plenty of options when it comes to choosing your accommodation. The sumptuously delightful hotels in Ranthambore further augment the elegance of this beautiful wildlife sanctuary.



Go on a tour to Ranthambore National Park to explore the forest and the extreme fascination of its environs. India Holiday Mall offers you scintillating tour packages to the Ranthambore National Park for you to experience the grandiose wildlife and numerous other attractions.


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