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Rajasthan Village Tour - Rajasthan Tourism

Rajasthan Village Tour - Rajasthan Tourism

Situated in the northwest of India, Rajasthan is known as land of forts, palaces and Maharajas’ of Rajput era.  It is full of rich heritage and royal history.  A trip to Rajasthan gives a chance to explore historical sites, wildlife sanctuaries, sand dunes, lakes, art-galleries, museums, palaces, temples,  and the list is endless.  These north Indian cities offer some incredible travel experiences.  Apart from its rich and royal side it also famous for village tourism in India. 


How is the Culture and tradition in Rajasthan?


Rajasthan  is well known for their artistic skills and rich cultural values which reflect the ancient way of life of Indian people. People of Rajasthan are very generous and of very friendly nature.  The history of Rajasthan is almost 5000 years old, and it presents a blend of  history, old traditions and very simple lifestyle. Local markets of Rajasthan showcase reflect the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan.  Rajasthani people dress themselves in very traditional way. Men wear turban (head gear), an angarakha (covers the body) and a dhoti (or pyjama) while women dressed themselves with Ghaghara (long skirt with top) along with a large number of ornaments made of silver and lac.


How is the village life of Rajasthan?


The heritage and culture tour of Rajasthan offers unique experiences of rural life of India by visiting small villages . This is an opportunity in itself to discover the rural charm of India and watch the rural development in India.   During your village visit you can sight mud-built houses, camels and locals in colorful dress.   All these things enhance the curiosity to know more about their livings.   You will get a chance to interact with locals who are welcoming nature.  Some of them may invite you into their homes and serve you a local cuisine or drinks.


Rajasthan Village Tour - Rajasthan Tourism

In the desert area experience the life of nomadic people.  They are used to travel from one place to another all the time.  They do not have permanent house.  


Highlights or Main Attractions of Village life

  • Camel cart riding
  • Delicious traditional Rajasthani food or Thali
  • Watch kids playing their traditional games.
  • Farmers working in their fields.
  • See Village folk performers, cobbler, snake charmers, sheep and goat shepherds etc.
  • Gathering of Women at village wells.
  • Roti making (bread) from earthen kilns.
  • Try your hands at churning of some fresh homemade butter
  • Evening bonfires, star gazing and folk music


Rajasthan Tour packages starts from Delhi 


Mostly Rajasthan Tour Packages starts from the national capital of India - Delhi.  Any of these Rajasthan Tour Program will turn out to be one of the best of your life.  You can include village visit in any of these tours.



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