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Periyar National Park

Periyar National Park

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary


A trip to the Periyar National Park also includes a boat ride around the lake. It is the primary route to explore the sanctuary. Besides, this way of touring the sanctuary also saves the animals from being disturbed by the sightseers. You might come across various animals such as boar, deer, and birds. The boat ride is actually more of a sail than a wild-life exploring experience.


The forest department regulates the boat rides. You will need to purchase a ticket in order to treat yourself with a boat ride. In order to not miss out on your boat trip during peak seasons, ensure that you reach the ticket office about an hour and a half before the trip to purchase the tickets.


Additional Tip: In order to have the most pleasurable boat ride and wildlife spotting experience, go for the first or the last departure. The best time to go for animal sightseeing in this park is between the months of October and March.


Periyar National Park

Located within close proximity of the Periyar National Park is the Shalimar Spice Garden. This garden in the vicinity of serene Thekkady mountains is encircled by spice plantations. This is another renowned destination for excursion among tourists. You can watch the straggling and endless stretch of spice gardens and tea estates. The garden is abundant with plantations that produce the most excellent quality of tea and spices in the world. During your tour to this place, you can wander amid the terraced spice plantations and experience the fresh air. The spices that are usually cultivated here include cinnamon, nutmeg, turmeric, curry leaves, and clove.


There are seven elephant camps in the state of Kerala which are organized by the forest department of the government of Kerala. One of them is located in the Periyar National Park. This is the safest destination to watch a herd of elephants travels by. You will see a throng of elephants all around the lake. You can take advantage of the facilities including trekking and an elephant ride. The elephant ride is a thrilling way to gallivant around the sanctuary and enjoy the phenomenal views atop the gigantic mammal.


India Holiday Mall offers a wide range of fascinating wildlife tours. Periyar National Park is one of the significant vacation destinations in South India. It abodes a slew of bewitching wildlife which also includes some endangered species. Take a tour to Periyar National Park to grace your holidays with a wild experience.



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