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Hornbill Festival in Nagaland

Hornbill Festival in Nagaland

The Hornbill Festival is one of the most famous festivals of Nagaland. This festival comes in the month of December and celebration goes on for 10 days.  In the year 2017 more than 2 lakh visitors were there at the venue to witness this festival.


Hornbill, festival is named after the most adorable bird species in the state.  More than 70% of population of Nagaland is depends on the agriculture hence most of festivals of Nagaland revolves around the agricultural theme.  Tribes of Nagaland consider all these festivals sacred and participation in these festival becomes obligatory.


Hornbill Festival is organized by the government of Nagaland and it usually takes places in the first week of December every year.   It is held at place called Kisama which is approximately 12 kms away from Kohima. All the tribes of Nagaland come there and celebrate this festival.  Travelers get a chance to understand the life and culture of people of Nagaland through this festival.   


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Hornbill Festival Activities

This more than a week-long festival showcases dance performances by Naga troupes, local handicrafts, food fairs, various games and ceremonies. Apart from these activities other highlight of Hornbill festival is display of traditional arts including paintings, sculptures, and wood carving.


The Hornbill Festival is contributing considerably in the tourism of Nagaland. It is also known as festival of festivals in Nagaland.


Hornbill Festival in Nagaland

About Naga Heritage Village


It is established and commissioned by the State Government of Nagaland in the year 2000. The objective behind to establish this village was to preserve the cultural heritage and promote tourism in the state. It is situated 12 kms away from Kohima. Naga Heritage Village offers a scenic landscapes beauty, warm hospitality of Naga people. The Heritage complex consists of sixteen houses of Naga tribes. The Heritage Complex has World War II Museum, Kids Carnival, Horti-Scape, Food Courts, Bamboo Heritage Hall and Pavilion and Stadium for Live concerts. It helps to unite tribes and sub-tribes and connects them with outer world by showcasing their rich tribal culture during the hornbill festival.


Hornbill Festival Dates 2020

Festival dates - 01/12/2020 - 10/12/2020

Duration – 10 days

Venue – Naga Heritage Village, Kohima


Requirement of Permits for Hornbill Festival?


Foreign Travelers no longer require Protected Area Permit (PAP) to visit Nagaland now. However, after their arrival in Nagaland they will have to register themselves with the local Foreigner’s Registration Officer (FRO) of the district or the nearest Police Station within the timeframe of 24 hours.


Domestic tourists require Inner Line Permit issued by the authorities mentioned below.


Entry permits for Indian Nationals (ILP)

New Delhi

The Deputy Residential Commissioner, Nagaland House

Phone: +9111 23012296/23793673.


The Deputy Residential Commissioner, Nagaland House

Phones: +913322825247/26


Deputy Residential Commissioner

Phone: +91 361 2332158. Fax: +91 361 2333859


The Deputy Commissioner

Phone: +91 36862 226530. Fax: +91 3682 230613


The Deputy Commissioner

Phone: +91 370 2290666. Fax: +91 370 229035. And

Mokokchung Phone:+91 369 2226231; Fax:91 369 2226055


How to reach Kohima?


Nearest airport is Dimapur airport in Nagaland.  Direct flights are available from Guwahati and Kolkata airport and it also connected with all other airports in India including Delhi.


Dimapur railway station is well connected to Guwahati. It has direct trains from all the  major Indian cities.


A number of taxis ply from Dimapur to Kohima. Local and states transport buses are available to Dimapur and Kohima from Guwahati.

The most convenient way is to take the train or flight to Dimapur and further taxi to Kohima. Options of private and shared taxis are available from Dimapur taxi stand located near to the railway station.  


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