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Holi Celebration in Barsana are Riotous and Fun Filled

Holi Celebration in Barsana are Riotous and Fun Filled

The Krishna story is never complete without a visit to Barsana, roughly 40 km from Vrindavan. The 17-km stretch, which takes off from the Delhi-Agra main road. On the way, you can see peacocks, herons, and cranes roaming freely in the green fields and the sun setting behind the Keekar trees.


Barsana is known for the Radha Rani temple which is set atop a hill, and you have to walk 200 steps to pay obeisance to the deity. If you want to avoid the discomfort, take palki (palanquin). The original Radha Rani temple is said to be 5,000 years old, but it is in a shambles, and the deity has been shifted to the new red sandstone temple. From the ramparts of the temple, one can also see the silhouette of the Radha-Madhav temple, built by Sawai Madhav Singh, the Maharaja of Jaipur.


Holi Celebration in Barsana are Riotous and Fun Filled



If one were to put it this way. Barsana’s main attraction is, perhaps, Holi, often held a week before the rest of India celebrates the festival. Men in traditional white dhoti and angarakha, from the neighbouring Nandagram, play Holi with the gopis of Barsana, looking splendid in bright-coloured Ghagra and blouse. They beat the men at least pretend to with sticks and that is why Barsana’s Holi is also known as lathmar Holi. All this is set to the accompaniment of music by bhajan mandlis that come to Barsana during the festive occasion.


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