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Hemis Festival Tour 2019 - Ladakh

Hemis Festival Tour 2019 - Ladakh


This is the time when the summer knocks at the door of Ladakh and the wait of Ladakhi people gets over to celebrate their largest festival Hemis.  It is celebrated in the courtyard of Hemis Monastery, it holds a two day celebration in honor of their Guru. People of Ladakh believe that he was a reincarnation of lord Buddha. He fought with demons for the people of Ladakh and showed them path of spirituality.    Many International and National Tourist gather here in the beginning of June to celebrate Hemis festival.

All about Hemis Festival

This festival is organized by the head of Lama. The local people are dressed up in their finest traditional outfit for the festival celebration.  The Lamas perform sacred masked dance known as Chaam.  Mask dancers perform their dance along with the musical instruments like drums, long horand cymbals.  These performances portray the victory of good over evil. Displaying of beautiful handicrafts of Ladakh is another highlight of the festival.


Hemis Festival Tour 2019 - Ladakh

Hemis Festival Date 2019


It is a most famous Buddhist festival of Ladakh and held in remembrance of the birth anniversary of Guru Padmasambhava by the people of Ladakh .

Venue : Courtyard of Hemis Gompa
Start Date : Thursday,  11th July 2019
End Date :Sunday, 12th July 2019


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How to reach Ladakh for Hemis Festival?

Air : The nearest airport is at Leh.

Road: Hemis is an easy day trip from Leh by surface. Bus services are very frequent during the festival time. 

Train : There is no direct train available on this route.


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