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Hampi Ranked 2nd In New York Times 2019 Must-See Destinations, The Only Indian Site in 52 destinations

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Hampi Ranked 2nd In New York Times 2019 Must-See Destinations, The Only Indian Site in 52 destinations

New York Times recently posted a list of the top 52 must-see places in 2019 on their website.  One of the most popular UNESCO approved sites of India Hampi got the second place in the list.

According to a report of tourism department of India, approx 5.35 lakh tourist visit Hampi last year and 38000 were foreigners.  According to the New York Times, it is an ancient archaeological complex and highlighted the site as more accessible by direct flights to Billari from Bengaluru and Hyderabad. an airline. Indian tourism department promised to provide better amenities to tourists at this site of Hampi which is located near the banks of Tungabhadra river. Hampi is the only destination in the list of NYT listed not just from India, but entire South Asia.


About Hampi 

The ruins of Hampi are in the Ballari district of south Indian state Karnataka. It is situated at 40 km from Ballari. These ruins belong to Vijayanagar Empire which was known as one of the richest town during the 16th century.  Hampi was the capital of this empire.  According to the historians it was second largest city in the world at that time.


History of Hampi

History of Hampi closely associated with the incidents of the holy book Ramayana.  According to the mythological epic, when Lord Rama and his brother were wandering in the forest in search for the trails of mata Sita (Lord Rama’s wife), who was abducted by the demon king Ravana,   Lord Rama and Laxman came to this region in search of Bali and Sugriv (two monkey brother) who ruled in this territory. Lord Rama took help from Sugriv to form an army of monkeys and other animals  to fight against demon king Ravana in order to rescue his wife. Due to such religious and historical value, this place was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Hampi Ranked 2nd In New York Times 2019 Must-See Destinations, The Only Indian Site in 52 destinations

Tourist Attractions of Hampi

Tourist places of Hampi can be divided into two main areas – The Hampi Bazaar Area and the royal center near Kanchipuram. With a horde of tourist spots to see in Hampi, this dream-world made of hilly rocks, monoliths, and ruins of ancient time construction is a delight for tourists, and therefore is considered as best places to visit in Karnataka.  It hosts the most stunning sunrises and sunsets.  It has more than 1000 stone temples. 

Temples of Hampi

Hampi is famous for its beautifully carved temples especially the Virupaksha Temple of Hindus near the revived Hindu bazaar.   This temple is dedicated to the lord Virupaksha.  Apart from several other monuments and temples,  It also has very important value in Hindu religion.    

Vijaya Vitahala Temple

Another most impressive structure in Hampi is Vithala temple  dates back to 16th century.  It is fabulous example of rich architecture.  The famous stone chariot is located inside the premises of this temple.

Monkey temple

This temple is 500 years old and dedicated to lord Hanumana. Visitors and devotees have to climbed up 570 steps to reach at this temple.   It is located atop at Anjaneya hill. This temple is present inside a cave.  The idol of Hanuman is carved on the rock. Also is the small shrine for Rama and his consort Sita inside the temple.  

Hemakuta temple Complex

This temple complex has hill houses and many of them are dedicated to Lord Shiva.  They are protected by the hill fort. It is one of the must visit places to visit in Hampi.  This spot is considered as best location to experience the sunset in Hampi. This place has largest number of  pre Virupaksha temples.  Virupaksha temple is a most popular amongst these temples.  It has a pool in its front.


Other Famous Tourist Attractions of Hampi

Apart from temples, Hampi has many other tourist attractions.  All the sites have something for historians, families, and photography enthusiasts.

Daroji Bear sanctuary

This sanctuary was established in 1994 exclusively for the preservation of the Sloth Bears.  It is spread over in an area of 83.72 kms.  It is located 50 km from the Ballari.  Free ranging sloth bear can be spotted afar from the viewing platform.

Archaeology Museum

This museum has four different art galleries that house extensive variety of artefacts, statues, paintings, ancient coins, metal plates, and sculptures.  It will take approx. 2 hours to visit this museum.  It remain closed on Fridays.

Matanga Hill 

This hill offers a panoramic view of ruins of Hampi.  There is a trek of 30 minutes to climb up the hill. Witness the  sunrise andn sunset over the lovely landscape of hampi town.  During the time of Ramayana this place was a hermitage of rishi  (saint) Matanga. 

Monolith Bull

According to the Hindu mythology “Nandi Bull” is a ride of lord Shiva.  The sculpture of Nandi Bull is placed on a high platform.  It has been partially ruined now but still attracts the visitors due to its huge size.


Note : Hampi is the only destination from India that has made its way to this list. The other top places in the list include- Santa Barbara, Panama,  Munich and Puerto Rico.


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