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Best Things to do in Rajasthan

Best Things to do in Rajasthan

If you are looking for a travel destination in India that offers a myriad of experiences, Rajasthan is the best alternative. It is a true royal state in all manners. Be it rich food, colossal forts & palaces, rustic beauty of the desert, preserved heritage and culture or delightful attractions, Rajasthan welcomes every visitor with a warm heart and hospitality. If you are travelling to Rajasthan, keep the following to-do list handy and make sure your Rajasthan holiday packages offer all these quintessential things.


Experience the Rustic Desert Through Camel Safari


A camel safari tops the list when it comes to must-to-do things in Rajasthan. Hop on the back of a camel and stroll around the rustic desert. The best regions for a typical desert safari in Rajasthan are - Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Pushkar, and Osian. You can travel to some remote ruins or witness the beauty of dunes.


  • Float in the Sky on a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Rajasthan luxury tour packages widely offer another quintessential thing to do. Float in the hot air balloon and take a bird’s eye view of the majestic forts and palaces from the sky. An electrifying experience, it is something that will take you back to the old times.



  • Feel the Thrill with a Desert Camping


Starlit sky, a vast stretch of sands, delectable authentic meals, lively folk dance – desert camping allows you to experience all of these in one place. What else do you need in life? Rajasthan offers royal treatment in almost everything, and the same is true for camping. The state has become a famous place for glamping. The camping tents provide stunning views of the desert, cosy beddings, puppet shows, and above all rusting royal experience.



  • Taste Authentic Rajasthani Cuisine at Chokhi Dhani


Even if you are slightly acquainted with Rajasthan, you must have heard all the praise about Chokhi Dhani – a name synonymous with warm hospitality. For a long time, the place has been serving to the avid travellers and foodies with authentic Rajasthani cuisine. Even if you don’t like the food much, you will be overwhelmed by the hospitality you receive. The cultural performance and attractive folk dances are additional reasons to visit the place.



  • Do Some Dune Bashing on an SUV


An exhilarating sport in the Thar Desert, dune bashing is pretty popular among locals as well as foreigners. Drive an SUV through the endless desert across beautiful sand dunes. Don’t own an SUV? Worry not! You can easily rent one from the local dealers or sign up our Rajasthan luxury tour packages, and we’ll provide you with one.  


Take a ride on Palace on Wheels


Your Rajasthan trip is incomplete without taking a ride on Palace on Wheels. You would visit many forts and places, but the train journey in royal style is something you will find only in Rajasthan. One of the most luxurious trains of the world, Palace on Wheels takes you through Udaipur, Jodhpur and several other cities of Rajasthan. Make sure you book your tickets in advance.



  • Enjoy the Hypnotizing Dance of Kalbelia Tribe


You might have witnessed many dance performances, but we bet that nothing can be more hypnotizing than dance by Kalbelia Tribe. Enjoy the lovely dance performance by women of the tribe in colourful clothes.



  • Explore the Village Life


Though an offbeat thing to do in Rajasthan, it is worth experiencing. Rajasthan is widely known for its culturally rich tradition. If you wish to eyewitness the rustic charm, visit a village and mingle up with the locals. Admire the beauty of mud houses, thatched roofs, colourful clothes and faces that warmly welcomes you with smiles. To taste the slice of real Rajasthan visit the villages.



  • Witness the Vintage Car Rally


The showcase of luxury in Rajasthan is incomplete without mentioning the vintage car rally. The beautiful streets are taken over by these lovely vintage cars. The show is a sheer delight for car lovers and is undoubtedly one of the most recommended experiences.


Best Things to do in Rajasthan



When it comes to the best things to do and experience in Rajasthan, the list is endless. We tried to compile the most recommended and popular pieces of stuff. Still, if you are not satisfied and wish to explore more of the state, let us take care of your trip. We offer customized Rajasthan tour packages to fulfil every need of travellers.



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