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Best 10 Road Trips to Take in India for foreigners after COVID-19 Lockdown

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Best 10 Road Trips to Take in India for foreigners after COVID-19 Lockdown

All that wait to travel again after COVID-19 has created a new motto for us to believe in, “the longer you wait, the better you travel”. The lockdown feels like an eternity, and you must be waiting for it to end to get on the road again! There’s a longing to take a break from our daily routine, pack our bags, start-up our engines, and whiz away, it is the best kind of break you can get from all that stress and drama! Some of us have already planned the next trip, but those haven’t thought about it.

Take a look at these scenic routes in India that are among the top 10 road trips to take in India -


1.    Delhi – Spiti

Delhi to Spiti road trip will take you to a different world altogether! One of the most adventurous trips in India, the winding and exciting terrain of this route will be etched to your memory forever. From the concrete jungles of Delhi to scenic mountain vistas of Himachal Pradesh, this road trip has all! The high passes, some of the highest villages, alluring monasteries, and pristine lakes of Spiti will leave you in awe.

2.    Bengaluru to Coorg

Snuggled in the Western Ghats, Coorg, also known as Kodagu, is adored for its verdant hills, coffee plantations, pristine river streams, wildlife, and luxury resorts! A cultural treasure trove of South India, Coorg is a perfect place to escape the hustle-bustle of the city. Take a scenic road trip from Bengaluru to explore the gorgeous waterfalls, breathtaking sunsets, and majestic monasteries of Coorg. 

3.    Delhi – Ladakh

You’ll be in for one of the best experiences on a road trip to Ladakh! The baked vistas of the mountains of this destination are like no other in India. Take a trip from Delhi, travel through Manali, Keylong, Sarchu, and then reach Leh to get mesmerized by the Himalayas! There are two routes for this popular road trip from Delhi; Delhi–Srinagar–Kargil–Leh via Sonamarg and Zoji La and Delhi–Manali–Keylong–Leh via Rohtang Pass and Gata Loops. It surely is a once-in-a-lifetime trip!

4.    Golden Triangle – Delhi – Agra – Jaipur 

A perfect trip to explore the rich culture and heritage of India, Golden Triangle will take you to places that will leave you enthralled. Let the street food of Delhi treat your taste buds, fall in love as you admire the beauty of TajMahal in Agra, and soak in the beauty of impressive forts and palaces of Jaipur. With a promise of an exciting trip, forts, and delicious food to vibrant markets and folk performances of these places will give you the best time!

5.    Bengaluru – Hampi

One of the most majestic and other-worldly destinations in the world, Hampi is a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the must-visit places in India. Take a road trip from Bengaluru and discover the ancient monuments and ruins of Hampi. Stroll around the ancient market complex, beautifully carved temples, chariot shrines, elephant stables, hill and riverside monuments, and more. 


Best 10 Road Trips to Take in India for foreigners after COVID-19 Lockdown

6.    Ahmedabad – Kutch 

Unique and culturally incredible place, a road trip from Ahmedabad to Kutch will take you to Rann of Kutch, the colossal white salt flats of Gujarat. For the ultimate experience, plan the trip on a full moon night! The vistas of salt marsh illuminated by moonlight will leave you enticed. 

7.    Kodaikanal – Munnar

Munnar and Kodaikanal are a well-known hill station in South India, and a road trip to these places will refresh you with their lush views. There are two routes to reach Munnar from Kodai, which are Kodai – Palani – Udumalaipet – Marayur – Munnar, and Kodai – Theni – Poopara- Munnar, and both are soothing to your eyes and soul. The clouds descending the mountains, and the fresh clean air will make for an amazing trip.

8.    Delhi – Rajasthan

Delhi to Rajasthan road trip is the best way to explore the best of both the states. Starting from admiring the monuments and places around Delhi to soaking in the beauty of the cities of Rajasthan and its culture, this road trip is a must for every traveller coming to India. Explore the spiritual insights of people, watch the sun go down at the Thar Desert, savour the authentic Rajasthani cuisine, and get enthralled by majestic forts and palaces.

9.    Guwahati – Tawang

A trip that offers breathtaking views of snow-clad mountains and lets you witness the marvels of the Buddhist culture in the North-East, Guwahati to Tawang is a perfect road trip for a traveler! It is an experience to drive on the winding roads surrounded by mountains!

10.    Chennai – Pondicherry

The East Coast Road is the ultimate journey that you were looking for in India. Enjoy the company of beautiful ocean views, sandy beaches, and swaying palm trees as you travel from Chennai to Pondicherry. Take a pit stop at Mahabalipuram, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to admire its alluring beaches, check out Alambara Fort at Idaikkazhinadu, soak in the beauty of large salt pans at Marakkanam, relax in the boathouse, and indulge in water sports at Mudaliarkuppam before reaching the charming Pondicherry.



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