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Explore the Beauty of Nepal with the Best of Nepal Tour Packages

Nepal is a beautiful landlocked country in South Asia. It is the home to the highest mountain peak in the world- Mount Everest which is 8848 meters high in elevation. Nepal is famous in the whole world for its natural beauty. Some of the world’s highest mountain peak are situated in Nepal. It is not only about the natural beauty of Nepal, but also about its culture that enthralls travelers and tourists all around the world. In Nepal, you can see a winsome mixture of different cultures such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Tibetan.

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Nepal Tour from India: An Indelible Experience

Nepal is undoubtedly a beguiling country, when it comes to natural beauty. But if you are visiting Nepal for the very first time, you may face many difficulties. So, it is better if you book Nepal Tour Packages through a reliable organization. And to make your Nepal trip memorable, you can pick India Holiday Mall that will provide you with the best facilities and services. Nepal Tour Packages offered by India Holiday Mall will help you in exploring Nepal in the best way possible. You can easily book a Nepal trip from India online at the India Holiday Mall Website.

Nepal Tour Packages of India Holiday Mall assure to provide you with the best accommodation services. In Nepal, you will find affordable and good hotels almost in every important tourist destination. While you take a Nepal trip from India with India Holiday Mall, your safety and comfort will be taken well care of. There will be best tourist guides who will help you to understand the Nepalese culture better in your Nepal tour from India. You would just have to book one among the many Nepal Tour Packages available at the website of India Holiday Mall and immerse in the serenity of Nepal.

Nepal Tour from India: Some of the Places of Interest in Nepal

If we speak about tourist destinations in Nepal, there are many cities that offer you the best. These include Kathmandu, Pokhara, Dharan, Nagarkot, etc. With India Holiday Mall you can plan a Nepal tour from India to visit all the beautiful places of Nepal. Some of the most popular places of interest in Nepal are stated below. Have a look!

Sagarmatha National Park: If you want to get closer to nature, then you should definitely visit the Sagarmatha National Park. What’s a Nepal tour package without visiting Sagarmatha National Park? It is an area in the Himalayas in the east region of Nepal that is surrounded by Mount Everest. It is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can enjoy a huge variety of flora and fauna from junipers to snow leopards. Make sure you plan Nepal tour from India that you do not fail to visit this beauty.

Pashupatinath Temple: In your Nepal tour from India, make sure that you definitely visit Pashupatinath Temple. Pashupatinath Temple holds major significance among the people of Nepal. It is a very popular sacred Hindu Temple. Pashupatinath Temple is dedicated to Pashupatinath and is located in the city of Kathmandu. So, while you make a plan for Nepal trip from India, do not forget to visit Pashupatinath Temple.

Swayambhunath: Swayambhunath is situated on the top of a hill in the Kathmandu Valley. It is actually an ancient religious architecture. You will be amazed with the variety of shrines and temples at the Swayambhunath complex, some of which can be dated back to the Licchavi Period. So make sure to visit this significant place in your Nepal tour from India.

Chitwan National Park: Since nature has endowed Nepal with beautiful landscapes and rich diversity of flora and fauna, Chitwan National Park is yet another famous tourist destination that you can visit in the Nepal tour from India. If you really want to get closer to nature, then you should definitely visit Chitwan National Park where you can witness a wide variety of biodiversity and your Nepal Trip from India will become a total fun. Bengal tigers, mugger crocodiles, beautiful kingfishers, and one-horned rhinoceros are some of the total fascinating fauna you can encounter at Chitwan National Park. Well, these were just some of the places that you must definitely visit in Nepal that you can venture with Nepal trip from India.There are in fact, many other exotic places in Nepal which you can visit with India Holiday Mall. Talking about the culture and cuisine of Nepal, with our Nepal tour Packages you can get closer with some of the delicacies of Nepalese culture. Some of these include Bhatmass, Tarkali, Thukpa, Gundruk, Tama koAchar, Raksi, and so many others. You can relish all these delicious dishes by planning Nepal Trip from India right now.

So, what are you waiting for? If you really want to visit Nepal, then you must do it once in a lifetime. Nepal is an incredible country. You should definitely plan a Nepal trip from India as Nepal has so much to offer you, whether it comes to natural and scenic beauty or its extensive and rich culture and you can do that with Nepal tour packages. Take a break from your life and kill its monotony to venture paradise on Earth. Plan Nepal tour from India today and get closer to nature.