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India has a vast heritage and even a lifetime is not enough to explore the entire country. The most visited places are in the northwest part of the country where most of the tourist goes. Keeping this in mind, the Golden triangle tour was launched which has become a huge success now. It covers three major cities of India - Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra. These places are very well connected with each other and other parts of India through railways, airways and roadways. Traveling from one city to another is so smooth that you can even call it a cake walk.  

In the name Golden Triangle of India, golden triangle has been derived from the Indian map. If you do mapping of Jaipur, Delhi, and Agra on a map, you will find the routing in triangular shape. These cities are approximately 240-250 kilometers away from each other.  This trip is not too expensive as well.

Major Highlights of Golden Triangle tour package includes culture, tradition, people, forts ana palaces, and every other thing. In Delhi you have a lively metropolis, in Jaipur, you will get to see Asian traditional bazaars and royal history and finally, in Agra, you will find India's history and its beauty as it is home to the very gorgeous Taj Mahal. Most of the Indian golden triangle tour start from the city of Delhi and then move ahead according to the tourists.


This is the best and most famous tour program for the first time traveler to India.  Explore our wide range of Golden Triangle Tour packages.

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