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India is such a beautiful country. The country is blessed with so many colorful festivals and events. A huge diversity is available in this country. Indian are fond of celebrating different events. This is the reason that each month carries at least one festival or event. Even India has more festivals and events than a number of days in the whole year. Due to this particular reason, a huge number of travelers come to India during the festive season every year. If you are also planning to take a tour of this gorgeous and enigmatic country, we offer the best festival tour packages at amazing and unbelievable prices. If you also want to enjoy the beauty of Indian festival, then we are here with the best tour packages.

Choose our India festival tours packages and enjoy the huge range of events and festivals of India. We offer our packages for different festivals. Hence, you will get a huge choice to decide as per your priorities and budget.


Festival Tours India : Make your trip even more meaningful and memorable


India is a land of colorful festivals and its magnificence shines with myriad festivals that replicate the vibrant culture and unique tradition. A tour of this charismatic country cannot be completed without indulging yourself in the colorful fairs and festivals of this country. Dive into the vivid tradition of this country to enjoy its actual beauty. When you choose our festival tours, you can easily immerse yourself in its alluring charm.

India is filled with endless excitement and joy. We all know that festivals and fairs are the time to rejoice, cherish the unforgettable experience and celebrate life. For this, you should take a dedicated India festival tours at least once in your whole life.

Indian festivals are celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm. If you are willing to enjoy this magnificent experience, come to us and we will plan India festival tours for you. India Holiday Mall is the finest place to plan your festival trip. In India, you can find the different shades of culture and tradition. From festival of lights ‘Diwali’ to festival of colors ‘Holi’, a tour of this pleasant country will mesmerize you with its invincible charm.

Shake hands with India Holiday Mall to be a part of this country’s vivid festival range to witness the actual essence of India;s traditions, cultures, and rituals in full vigor. These festivals organized in the different regions, states, cities, and villages of the India. If you are willing to give a treat to your soul and mind, then festival tours to India must be the best idea for that.

Major festivals of India

Almost each alphabet contains a festival. Yes, it is true. Baisakhi, Camel Festivals Pushkar, Diwali, Surajkund Mela, Elephant Festival, International Kite Festival, Eid, Puri Rath Yatra, Holi and so on. The list of Indian festival cannot be defined by few words. Hence, when you choose festival tours of India, these fairs and festivals offer the most memorable holiday experience for you and your loved ones.

Each month of the year is imbued with several festivals and each festival celebrated in a different manner. Festivals like Baisakhi demonstrates the new harvesting season, while festivals like Republic Day, Independence Day, and Christmas are celebrated with great gaiety and joy.

Apart from that, Goa Carnival will show you the different shade of Indian culture. A huge number of travelers from the different corners of the world visit India, to be a part of this colorful and energetic carnival. The main attractions of this carnival are fancy dresses, music, and dances. If you want something different, then Pushkar Mela in Rajasthan is an ultimate option. This fair not just feasts your eyes, but also takes traders, buyers, livestock, and villagers together. The Pushkar fair is famed for animal trading. Apart from this, you can enjoy traditional food, music and puppet shows during the visit. No doubt, India festival tours will bring a joy in your life.  So, these are the festivals and fairs of India.

When it comes to major celebration, Holi is the first name that comes to mind. This colorful festival is celebrated with great passion and joy in the entire north India. Holi of Mathura-Vrindavan is famous all around the globe. A week long celebration is organized every year. Another major festival of India is Diwali. It is one of the festivals that is celebrated in the entire India with great fervor.

Why choose India Holiday Mall for India Festival Tour Package?

So, these are the few festivals for defining the alluring beauty of Indian festival, culture, and tradition. There are much more available. If you want to be a part of this vivid culture, then book your festival tour with us. We offer festivaltour packages at very reasonable price.

Book your package today and be a witness of these glittering festivals of India and find out the vivid life in an extremely special way.


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