Almora, a picturesque district in the Kumaun region, East of Uttarakhand in India, with a breathtaking panoramic view of Himalayas, summons tourists worldwide to its alluring grandeur of natural beauty
Almora is a wonderful place to conveniently enjoy the spectacular snowscape of the central Himalayas. Most of the days in Almora are flawless. Almora allows you to enjoy the mighty Himalayas together with ridge after ridge of hills. The terraced fields, the stone slatted barrack-like village houses have so far put up a valiant fight against the encroachments of urban expansion and unplanned development. Bageshwar and Sitalakhet are other places of tourist interest. Bageshwar is one of the main camping sites for the journey to Pindari Glacier, which is situated at a height of 3,820 meters. Sitlakhet is the new tourist resort on the Syahi Devi hill. Kafhi Glacier is also close by (around 3,870 meters above sea level).

On the banks of Gomti (a local river) Baijnath is situated in Garur Valley, is an idyllic place. It is famous for its 13th century temples. Jageshwar has Shiva temples and is on the Almora Pithoragarh road and is situated in a densely wooded beautiful narrow valley. They are a marvel to see for their artistic beauty and craftsmanship. Jageshwar is among the I 2-jyotir lingas in the country. The Nanda Devi temple in the heart of the Almora city is very famous. Almora has a museum that is a storehouse of information about the cultural heritage of Kumaon. There is a deer park on the outskirts of Almora.  Almora was founded in 1568.There are lots of attractions at Almora. Swami Vivekananda gave famous Lectures here and included it in his itinerary at the turn of this century. From Almora To Colombo record that he was stirred as much by the stark beauty of the mountains here as by the ocean at Kanyakumari. The headquarters of the Ramakrishna Mission, was located at Mayawati Ashram then in Almora. Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore spent a summer to get over the personal grief after the Loss of a beloved child.A little later followed the great dancer Udaya Shankat Ravi Shankar, Zohra Sehgal, Simici and the youngster Gum Dutt have all been here. Others have followed in their footsteps. Pundit Nehru had served a term of imprisonment in the Jail at Almora and has left behind an evocative account of the pleasures of natural beauty. solitude and the changing moods of nature in his various letters written from this place which acted as inspirational guide for the Indians.

Places of Interest Around Almora

Almora, is surrounded by many sightseeing places. Binsar hill, locally known as Jhandi Dhar, rises to a height of 2,412 meters and offers a panoramic view of Almora town, Binsar, is an hour’ s motor drive from Almora,the Kumaon hills and the Greater Himalayas. The region around in alpine flora, ferns, hanging moss and innumerable species of wild flowers. The brow is reached by an unpaved ridge lined by prosperous private estate. A walk through the woods comprising mostly oak and rhododendron forest, leads to a vantage point at the summit, which offers an uncluttered view of the Himalayan ranges and the surrounding valley. Hindi poet Ajneya treated it as a famous summer spot.

Chaubatia: It is popularly known as ‘Orchard Country’ for its fruits and government apple gardens. It commands a picturesque view of the Himalayas. The Bhalu dam near Chaubatia is famous for an artificial lake and a fine picnic spot. It is just 3 krns from Ranikhet.

Binsar: Situated only 30 km away from the township of Almora, Binsar lies nestled amongst thick forests of Oak and Rhodendron and offers spectacular views of the Himalayan peaks.

Shitla Khet: Situated between Ranilchet and Almora this picturesque place offers a wide view of The Himalayan peaks
Jalana: Situated 35 KMs away from Almora in picturesque surroundings Jalna offers a wide panoramic view of Himalayas. There are a number of orchards which produce a number of variety of fruits such as apricots, peaches, pears, plums and apples. Other places include Dwarahat, Manil, Katarmal, Jageshwar, Vridh Jageshwar.


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