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  • A paradise for spiritualists

    A paradise for spiritualists

    Situated in the northern part of India and having awesome beauty and calm serenity of the stately Himalayas, Uttaranchal – the “Devbhumi” that has attracted tourists and pilgrims from all over the world. Sacred pilgrimages of different religions including the world famous Char Dham or the four Hindu pilgrimage destinations of Shri Badrinath Kedarnath, Gangotri, Yamunotri; the sacred Sikh pilgrimage of Hemkund - Lokpal, Nanakmatta [...]

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  • Three Lesser Known Buddhist Sites in North India

    Three Lesser Known Buddhist Sites in North India

    Among the many elements that make a Buddhist monastery an oasis of tranquility, including the quiet ambiance and simplicity of the interiors, there is one intangible factor that can be sensed by one and all-the aura of calm. Gautam Buddha's preaching of detachment and peace radiate from the nooks and crannies of these places of worship for those who belong to the Buddhist faith. No matter how crowded it might be, every Buddhist site in this country [...]

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  • Trekking Tour of Sikkim

    Trekking Tour of Sikkim

    SIKKIM A TREKKING PARADISE Nature has blessed this state with unsurpassed beauty which sometimes seems unreal. Variation in altitude provides an opportunity to visitors to experience dramatic changes in climate as well as flora and fauna - right from sub-tropical to temperate to alpine to high altitude areas in a short span of time. Darjeeling is the gateway to Sikkim. It is about five hours drive from Bagdogra which is well connected with major [...]

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  • Top 5 Overland Journeys in India

    Top 5 Overland Journeys in India

    Best discovered by road, the Indian landscape will take you on an unimaginable journey through the highest passes in the world, into the wild countryside along the great Arabian ocean on smooth and bone rattling tar. Be ready to take it all in, if you want to get under the skin of the place. Here are some of the top road journeys that one can take in India. Manali-Leh – A journey that is bound to end up as a resilient bond with the mountains, [...]

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  • Tourism in Gangtok

    Tourism in Gangtok

    Located at an altitude of 5800 feet, Rumtek Monastery is the biggest monastery of Sikkim. This monastery which was constructed in 1740 and later overhauled in 1979 houses a golden stupa which contains the artifacts that trace back to the 16th Karmapa. In addition, there are various other hallowed Buddhist relics. Don’t forget to whip out your camera to capture the moments you spend here with your friends/family. Enchey Monastery is nearly [...]

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  • Indias Top Rail Journeys

    Indias Top Rail Journeys

    India’s Top Rail Journeys The Great rail Journeys of India unveil the grandeur of the majestic Himalaya, the great Indian desert. The Undulating Deccan Plateau. The quaint hill stations, colorful Rajasthan and the enigmatic western coast. Our selection this month features the five illustrious train journeys. Welcome abroad. Toy Train Nilgiri The beautiful journey by the Nilgiri Mountain toy train offers a real memorable experience. [...]

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  • Magic in the Middle of India

    Magic in the Middle of India

    Madhya Pradesh offers you new vistas every single time you visit, no matter how many times you go there. We undertook an extensive journey through Madhya Pradesh to bring you the top destinations to visit in the coming months. The thing with this vast collect ion of natural and heritage wonders is that you need at least a few days to cover everything and you'll still have something to come back for. Famous places in Madhya Pradesh MANDU This [...]

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  • Markha Valley Trek in Ladakh

    Markha Valley Trek in Ladakh

    The Indian Himalayan ranges are undoubtedly one of the most spectacular and impressive mountain ranges in the world. As soon as one starts on a trek in this grand mountain chain, one comes across numerous settlements, ancient temples and isolated monasteries. The bucolic lifestyle of the simple folk carries away the visitor to another time and place. The thrill of finding oneself amidst snow-capped peaks, glaciers, pine-forested slopes, rivers and [...]

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  • Get immersed in the colours of India

    Get immersed in the colours of India

    Eulogized by world famous photographers and more recently, a video for Cold Play (the International band), the Hindu festival of Holi marks the beginning of spring. It is a time to bid adieu to the misty winters and make way for the cheery spring. Celebrated mostly in parts of North India, it emulates the mischievous love between Lord Krishna and his consort, Radha, corroborating the good-natured raucousness about the festival. Other legends surround [...]

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  • Pragpur Heritage Village

    Pragpur Heritage Village

    Pragpur Village is known to be the home of the most beautiful Forts. The rich history of the village has leveraged it with some of the exquisite forts that attract the eyes of the architectures and photographers from around the world. This village has been the hub of foreign tourists since its inception into the list of Heritage list. A huge Shopping Destination: The narrow streets of the village are a treat for the shoppers. It brings to them [...]

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  • Tulip Flower Festival of Kashmir

    Tulip Flower Festival of Kashmir

    Picture a contour of snow-tipped peaks overlooking the placid waters of the Dal lake. And nestled in its lap a grand silken carpet woven with colorful tulip blooms, with a lullaby of winds in the background. At the Indira Gandhi Memorial Garden in Srinagar, such poetry by nature comes alive. Also known as Sriraj Bagh, it is Asia's largest tulip garden and is famous for its annual 'Tulip festival.' The first fortnight of April in Srinagar [...]

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  • Heritage State of South India

    Heritage State of South India

    If you want to get into a spiritualistic mood visit the world famous Aurbindo Ashram and Auroville and be blessed with a lot of peace and goodness. And if you are looking for some lively activity and fun, what better way than attending the various fairs and festivals that are organized frequently. And if you still haven't had enough, you could go shopping in this shopper's paradise. This is Pondicherry for you. Pondicherry tourism is so dynamic [...]

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  • Gwalior


    Gwalior is a remarkable historical tourist destination in the state of Madhya Pradesh. There are splendid monuments, palaces and museums here. All these memorials have gone through various ups and downs and have stood the test of time. The popular landmarks have rich history and feature magnificent architectural styles and designs. Here is information on some of the major tourist attractions that you must certainly pay a visit to. Gwalior Fort is [...]

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  • Tourism in Pelling

    Tourism in Pelling

    Pelling is a revered destination for various reasons. While its culture, religion and history attracts half of the tourists, the other half are enchanted by its immaculate charm, tranquilizing natural environment and the breathtaking waterfalls such as the Sangay and the Kanchenjunga. The biggest attraction here is the Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world. One can clearly see this imposing peak from the tiny town. Pemayangtse [...]

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  • Tourism in Nalagarh Fort

    Tourism in Nalagarh Fort

    Nalagarh Fort apart of all its architectural beauty is also known for the sweeping view of Himalayan ranges it provides with to the travelers and to the tourists. Visiting Nalagarh Fort during winters is bliss; travelers are going to witness the amazing art of Nalagarh Fort between the mountains covered with snow. History: Constructed in 1100AD, Nalagarh Fort was the pride of Rajput Kings. The descendants of then king are known to reside in the [...]

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